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Michelle Jackson
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My kids worry about me traveling around "especially when you drive" as my daughter recently told me. I try to tell them about the 50-state-any-country-in-the-world Leather Community who will pick up your stranded kid and/or care for your loved one when you're gone, but they don't really get it all the way. I love you, Karen. MFB, hugs.
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2010 on Shared Values at Leatherati Voices
Just love your polite and patient style of rant blogging. Had a conversation with my grandson turning 18 yesterday and told him to treasure his HIV negative status as if it were GOLD. That, and a good credit history, remain two things to be cherished and kept intact. Condoms won't help your credit score, but they will help you score without losing your life in the process.
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Feb 20, 2010