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Thanks for the great overview of your visit with Dr. Esselstyn. He is one of my food and health heroes! While I am not on his plan, he was influential in changing my diet and lifestyle. He, not my doc, let me know that I could get my total cholesterol down to 150 with no meds. And, that is just what I did. I recommend his book to everyone - even if you have no heart disease. At my site, I do list his hour-long presentation. It's excellent ... Thanks again for the info. and good luck to you on your new lifestyle plan. Ken Leebow
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I hate to be critical of your cartoon, however, it perpetuates the myth that fiber tastes like "crap". It doesn't. Most people avoid it because of that myth. And, interestingly, it assists with satiety...which ultimately assists with weight-loss and good health. Dr. Neal Barnard states: "Fiber is your best friend." He adds that: ...for every additional 14 grams of fiber that you consume, you will reduce calorie intake by 10%. Here's his visual of that ... Ken Leebow Feed Your Head
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Yes, eating out is one of the worst. Even when you get vegetables, they are loaded with butter, salt, and other assorted mystery toppings. Please give Dr. Esselsytn my regards. He was the first doctor who I have ever heard discuss getting total cholesterol down to 150. My doc certainly did not. My doc told me it was mostly related to genes. Oops, got mine from 202 to 155 in less than six months. Thank you Dr. Esselstyn! And good luck to you...Debby. Ken Leebow
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These two doctors, as well as many others, were influential in my lifestyle change. While I am not vegetarian, in a just ten weeks, I had major weight and health benefits...all documented here: The one thing that Dr. Esselstyn mentioned that changed my outlook was that you can be "heart-attack proof" with a total cholesterol of 150. Most people in the profession lead you to believe that 200 is a "good" number. For most people, not all, it is easy to change HDL, LDL, TRI, and even blood pressure with some simple lifestyle changes. I've adopted this saying: Good habits are as addictive as bad habits, and a lot more rewarding. - Harvey MacKay Thanks for the info. Ken Leebow
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Speaking of movie theaters, the history of supersizing is linked to movie theaters. It's truly a fascinating story... Ken Leebow
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Mar 19, 2010