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Hilarious! TL;DR was such an obvious and brilliant response from Hipster. LOL. 1978 above also has a point, but you have an OK defence for this and also some kind of territorial issue - feeling "swamped"? ;-) i guess there are downsides to your parents' house rocketing in price. I really enjoyed it, FWIW, but then I have read probably all of your previous posts which, as you say, have not elicited such a response. The words that stood out for me as traces of an inherited old way of thinking were myspace, socialism and battle lines ;-) They sound like flares and moustaches (so arguably hipsterish). Also: who does "we" refer to in the penultimate para? Local residents? Intellectuals? Anyway, hipster's ain't so bad, and are no better or worse than _insert prejudices here_ -- peace! Thanks for sharing - good piece :)
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2011 on An open letter to the hipster at potlatch
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Mar 23, 2011