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Lee Etheridge
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hahahahahahahaaaaa!! that would be me running away while trying to tell myself "It's just a stupid toy! It's just a stupid toy!..... aaaaaaarghhh!!" TOO CREEPY! My mum had a strange train toy that would randomly say "Heeeellllllo little one" in the freakiest voice. Frightened the tar out of me & the kids!!
I use HALF a lot (there are 2 of them) clean up half the room, eat up half your potato... funny how half of crappy stuff is always smaller than half of good stuff... Can I have half a biscuit?
When my girls were small (they are 5 & 8 now) the park was Daddy's job.I took them to kinder gym, playgroup, baby music but Daddy did the park thing while I stayed home. Daddy quickly had them trained NOT to tell Mummy about falling off the slide or hanging upside down from the climby things. They are still fully functional so he must have done an ok job and they still LOVE the park.(Our local park is called the Adventure Playground ie Death Trap City...apparently we breed daredevils in Australia...sigh!)
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Nov 14, 2011