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What people may not know is that man on the beach carrying a pack of coke was ole Dennis back in the day. Or was it Terry Bush?
I downloaded the ABC Family app and 2 points of frustration (#1, which I will post on iTunes soon): 1) no airplay ability to send to AppleTV maybe Apple/ABC are working on a native app for AppleTV device, so that is why no airplay...? 2) commercials. That is why I love netflix
too funny! That guy's take on the GOP candidates is pretty sweet. kudos to you Den on the convo...roving with Den should be a feature on Austin's show; you just go around the valley and capture random encounters.
>Robert - excellent 5 points. Makes me wonder if Netflix will modify their business in 6-12 months if things don't go the way they hope. It would seem to me that if you want to shift your business like this you take more gradual steps. We'll just have to see if "burning the ships" is best.
zero problems watching 2 40+minute tv shows between 9:30-11:30pm mt. Using AppleTV2 device.
@Mrmanmac - love the way you put things, couldn't agree more!
I have the 1 dvd a month and streaming. On my 7meg down with Qwest most of the time I stay at HD quality if the content is HD. My streaming device into HDTV is a Mac Mini hooked directly into router via ethernet cable. We also stream via Xbox360 (AWESOME) and we have the same excellent experience as on my mac. I love all the content that is available to stream, would love more, but would like to keep the price where it is. Streaming Arrested Development at present!
Take for example Dexter on Showtime - I would like Netflix to secure the content for streaming beyond the 1st 2 seasons. After all past seasons of shows currently running (like Office or Psych or Mad Men) are streaming then if Netflix wants to go after current content that is running ota/cable/sat please do, but not before all the current past episodes are streamable.
Currently on 1 dvd at a time. If the streaming had more of the odd & diverse content I would drop dvd's totally. It'll happen in time. I'm just thankful for what Netflix brings to me that I can legally watch on my computer, iPhone, iPad, xbox and with my Qwest connection we can watch 2 at a time with no problem. I would have given the extra $1/month a year ago. Plus Netflix support responds - woah! That seems like a great place to work.
Awesome post and recap of Jeff's talk/teaching. It was amazing to listen to and really has me thinking. Your post today is just plain excellent!
netflix is working for the long haul and doing more with streaming content. I applaud Netflix for how they are doing their business. I would rather have more streaming content then access to content on day 1 of release.
Looking forward to seeing first hand the new ESPN channel on my xbox live. I think the $60/year fee for xbox live is worth it. Thanks for reviewing.
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Just started reading your blog and like what & how you write. I'm 40+ and our family (wife 40, kids 18/16) has had no landline for many years. We "cut the cable" 2 years ago and the only grief we have is being able to legally access content we want via IP. With the new ESPN channel coming on xboxlive and more things showing up on Netflix, as well as Roku and other hardware makers, I truly think the main streams of content delivery need to be aware - the consumer is tired of paying for mediocre content and online streaming of content allows the consumer to pick and choose what they want. I think online streaming will continue to soar.
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Way2go Netflix! I just LOVE my subscription.
I've only seen streaming problems infrequently, hardly ever audio only. We use XboxLive on 360 or Mac Mini/Silverlight, both connected to Vizio lcd tv. If I do have problems I report back to Netflix for their records. We are connected via Qwest for internet. Had more problems with CableOne internet. I believe that in a couple years we'll all be making noise about not being able to stream the full BluRay/HD version on our mobile devices while on our commute :-P
It was AWESOME! By far the best movie of the summer.
our family, 42/41/17/15 have just OTA & Excellent internet speed & selection (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) and paying for a few beers during football season is better than a whole year of cable/sat costs
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Apr 30, 2010