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Dan, some fascinating ideas here. I have to echo some of the comments brought up already - It's probably very difficult for the average reporter to picture working in a semantic web world. As a journalism grad student, does this mean in the future I'll have to research, interview, write, report - and do programming too? (By the way, I'm writing a paper on your ideas for Steve Buttry's class.) I wonder, too, how much money could actually me made here. You mention in a previous post that in the future we could have "practical ways of tracing the value of original contributions and collecting and distributing marginal payments across vast scales." The word that stands out for me is "marginal." I could see larger organizations like New York Times and Wall Street Journal benefiting from the semantic web because they have that wealth of data. Where does that leave smaller, publications - say, hyperlocal sites? Still reading and understanding all this so forgive me if I'm bringing up some obvious questions.
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Mar 18, 2011