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Totally uninterested in Facebook for anything. I like to keep my information as private as possible, not give some company stuff about me to sell to advertisers.
I can barely wait to see big media's reaction to this one. Hilarious and food for thought for those who just routinely accept whatever RIAA/MPAA dish out.
Good grief Paradise Alley is 34 years old. While I'm a 'long tail' member how about some Cary Grant movies if you're going to put old stuff out on streaming. I remember seeing this in theaters and the acting was lukewarm.
Yes and that early release in Russia often results in the DVD showing up the next day on all the torrent sites.
Vastly different take on the DVD rental profit contribution number vs streaming profit contribution from the material available before. That prior material showed DVD rentals to be extremely profitable and streaming much less so. Unfortunately Netflix seems to think DVD by mail just isn't 'sexy' enough an image. Apparently they feel streaming is. I don't stream, won't stream because my download speed is so bad with Verizon that the stream is constantly buffering. I'm a DVD by mail customer. I like the older movies, feel most new stuff is either remakes which aren't as good as the originals were, or are things I am just not interested in seeing. They can delay new release rentals for a year, for all I care. I won't buy something I've not been able to see all the way through first. Especially not the new releases coming out these days. I have noticed a dearth of new DVD's lately and have been receiving cracked DVD's again. One of them was a second disc of a two disc series. I got two in a row of that disc cracked from the center to the edge. The third disc was good. Someone either isn't watching or doesn't care. A customer will never know which is the case.
Read this bribe list and weep for our country.
HBO can do as they please. I cut the cord waay back and never looked back. HBO shows are all over the internet for free these days, why pay to watch or rent?
They can make that window a year for all I care. I quit buying DVD's years back when they quit making movies I wanted to see. Now if they suddenly make something I want to see I can wait for it or get it via some other means. I only stay with Netflix these days for the back catalog.
I dropped streaming at the price change. Last night I went to the site via my PC to look up a movie. To my surprise I found nothing but thumbnails and a trouble statement. No way to get to my account, my queue, nada. Just for fun I clicked on a thumbnail and lo and behold the movie started. Surprised me as I'm no longer a streaming customer
Facebook has too many privacy issues. Do not use it, do not want my info sold to various and sundry marketing companies. No way will I support this bill.
Some of us who were 1 DVD plus streaming dropped streaming altogether and increased to 3 out plans, same dollar value. I did because streaming is difficult, there wasn't much value in it to me due to the content and I'm much more interested in things they did not have streaming. Having said that I am turning discs as fast as possible and I am definitely getting more bang for my buck than I was before. Also, not knowing how much time the newly named disc by mail service will be with us I'm loading up while it lasts. When it's gone then I'll make decisions about BB or usenet or torrenting.
I own a DirecTV dish and receiver. Haven't used it in over 2 yrs. Will never use it again with current pricing models. Same goes for Dish.
Way back when I got DirecTV the first time I had free everything for awhile. What I noticed most was that channels like HBO, Starz, Encore et al showed the same movies over and over and over for very long times. Once you watch what you want to, it's a long time before something new comes along. I cut the cord over 2 yrs ago have had Netflix over 3 years and never looked back to cable, or TV itself for that matter. Up here you either have satellite or cable or no TV at all. Nothing over the air up here. Streaming up here is difficult so by mail is the best option for me. If that goes away I have no options left, all the video stores are now closed since Hollywood went away. With that in mind I looked at the Blockbuster site yesterday. They are more expensive on all the disc by mail plans and the site is still difficult to navigate to find things. Push comes to shove if I want to watch movies or old TV series that would be where I would have to go. I sincerely hope that does not happen. HBO? Never will I have cable or satellite service again, unless they start ala carte programming.
Blah, blech and ughhh. Buy more DVD's.
For my buck, losing Starz was ok. The quality of those transfers for streaming stunk like a skunk. Streaming for me was always difficult on my ISP, so unless the quality of the stream was really good, like 24 was, they were only marginally watchable. When they decided to charge for their non quality instant catalog I dropped it and went DVD only. If they muck around too much with the DVD side of the equation I can drop that as well.
Two things. Looking at the new releases for DVD lately I wondered why they were so 'eh'. Guess they decided to stop buying good stuff figuring that this ilk would 'do' until they bailed out of the DVD by mail biz. Mike, what are you going to do now? I read this blog daily and comment once every two years it seems, but as they say, 'up to the price increase, everything's been ok'.
Wonder what the Wall Street analysts will make of this move. Will Reed and Co regain the value of their stock that plummeted? Will it drop further? Can they cash in stock fast enough to keep some of the money their loyal customer base (prior to the 60% price hike) gave to them? We'll have to wait and see. I've only been a Netflix customer for a bit over 3 years. When streaming came around I couldn't use it due to my OS. When I built a new computer with Win 7 I started to look at some streaming movies/TV. Lousy quality on Starz was the first thing I noticed. No Starz went into my streaming queue. I cut the cord in early 2009. Had DirecTV, no over the air TV in my rural mountain area and the local cable co, TW, has a terrible reputation up here. I have an analog TV still as I'm not watching TV itself, but DVD's look just fine on it and I'm not into BluRay at all. When notified of the price increase to come I sat down at my PC and watched the rest of 24 that I hadn't gotten around to yet and deleted the rest of my streaming queue. I didn't mind the money, it was the tone of the thing. I upped my subscription to 3 DVD's out at a time and filled up my DVD queue with stuff I would like to see while leaving the balance of the stuff available (before) in both streaming and DVD in the queue. Now this new email saying in effect " customers bend over and hold your ankles". My response is to increase turns of what I want to see that's in my queue and continue to do so until they either sell the Co., the PO stops delivering in a timely manner, or I've seen everything I want to see. Nothing is going to sit around waiting to be watched. Living in a remote area with no over the air TV or radio also means living with no real speed from the DSL ISP up here. Streaming is always difficult. As it is so slow, caps will probably not be forthcoming to us. Streaming was not a big loss to me, and the streaming titles mostly sucked anyway, unless it was old TV stuff. Losing DVD's by mail would be a big loss to me as I'm mostly watching older titles, have absolutely zero interest in "new releases" as so many if them are not something I'd want to see, let alone pay to go to a theater to see. New releases of material not on DVD before are another matter entirely. Netflix customers could always start torrenting I suppose, many choices out there both new and old. New releases hit the torrents long before release on DVD dates or the same day, depending on the ripper's access. Seems a shame to drive so many away who have been happily getting legal content.
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Sep 19, 2011