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Born in Mexico, raised in Miami, educated in Massachusetts, mostly. New York is home.
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very useful. already stolen for a deck. thanks. i think that there's probably other types of change. sometimes technology just makes things...different. eg, the aztecs lack of use of the wheel for constructive purpose created a society predicated on slave labor. perhaps if they'd had a technology to help construction, it would have been different. i think it's also interesting to think about how technology doesn't change cultural practice. neal stephenson's books are chock full of examples of culture both fundamentally changed--and not--by technology. anyway, thanks.
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Mar 15, 2010
#2 is closest for me as well because it makes the book feel like what i hope it will be: a guidebook and working document to help me (and my clients) operate as CCOs. but that said, if that's what it's meant to communicate, it's a bit of a half step. but not a bad one.
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corina, thanks. i'll take a look. it's not a presentation, i'm part of a panel w/ a few other people, but admission is free. just show up! i'd love to see you... eliza, as for your comment, i'll have you know i've used far more derogatory terms to describe people like us w/ hyphenate identities, so i'm sure i can work in 'mutt'
i see your and raise you
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