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My queue is a mess and I want family members to have their own individual content on their queue. Nothing worse than not knowing what in the queue belongs to who and if it could be something they've already watched and just forgot to delete. Cheapness doesn't even come into the equation. A $280 cable / internet / phone monthly bill plus $22 for Netflix a month rules out that I'm being frugal. It all becomes annoyingly entangled when you've got one queue and a bunch of family members with different tastes. I don't think its too much to ask for the streaming queue to work in the same way as the DVD queue where you designate what titles go where. Long overdue and not frivolous as far as I'm concerned.
They just about had me sold there until the part that required exiting MultiQ's app within Roku and then having to go to the official app in order to watch your stuff. With my non-tech savvy family, this would only irritate them. Still, I can only wait and hope that this will inspire Netflix to get off their backside and introduce, what many of us have been waiting for, something like this that provides separate queues for each family member.
So, to clarify, does having more than one netflix user account allow you to split up your streaming queue. In other words, my netflix streaming queue has too much of my families stuff on it and vice-verse. Is it yet at all possible for each family member to have their own streaming queue with setting up a multiple user account? wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose of starting HBOGO, make it exclusive for HBO cable customers, then go ahead and also distribute their content through Netflix taking some of the sparkle out of the HBOGO service which is in the process of trying to find its own territory niche online.
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May 12, 2011