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I doubt he's being biased. Perhaps you misinterpreted?
Thanks for the updates, Lorraine. Appreciate it. I'm curious about the UIL practice of just announcing which 6A band advances to state. No details, scores, ratings, nothing. Is this something new? Have you written about this before (and I just missed it)? What's the theory behind this change? It's new to me, which is why I'm curious. Is there any website I can go to for details on this past weekend's Area competition? I'm curious as to whether Coronado barely or easily earned the state berth over the other local 6A bands.
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Thanks for the info. Who are this year's judges?
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It's been tried before. Back in the 1980s, UTEP petitioned the WAC for permission to drop down one division for football, but remain in the WAC for all other sports. The WAC said no.
People in the Local TV News business have told me that network affiliate newscasts stopped being about actual journalism close to 30 years ago. Nor are the on-air folks these days journalists; they're performers. It's no longer about news content; it's all about numbers of viewers and ratings, which translates into advertising rates. Which is why you see Local TV News personnel do so much on-air bragging about themselves and their stations. I don't know which KVIA employee visited Alvarez's house, but I bet he/she was assigned the task. And I'd bet KVIA's news director or weekend news director had a hand in it. At least local TV newscasters don't do the matching-blazers thing anymore. There are two classic definitions of what "news" is. One is, "whenever something happens that's out of the ordinary." The other, from former Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee, is "news is whatever that day's page editor says it is."
He's a good one. Hope he stays here. I wonder if KTSM ran him off or isn't renewing his contract. I know the station ran Nick Miller off a few years ago.
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They irritate me, too, because they tend to be in the way. While I appreciate the job they do, I don't mind seeing a judge get flattened occasionally. This is all because high school marching bands years ago went the DCI-format route. Which produces cluttered shows (too many non-musicians on the field).
Lorraine is as unbiased as they come. I prefer to think Melissa got a tad confused in her post and didn't quite phrase things here and there the way she actually meant.
I watched Coronado in the prelims and saw Hanks in the finals -- the first time I've seen either band's contest show. This was online (not the best picture or sound quality, but still better than nothing). I've no idea whether either band thinks it performed its particular show well yesterday or not. But having been around marching band and DCI for years, I know sometimes you nail it, sometimes you don't. Still, I can't help thinking that the geniuses who years ago decided to make high school marching competitive, made a mistake.
Lorraine, who are the judges for this year's TOB? And are any of them apt to be confused by any weird shows?
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Lorraine, would/could a judge who doesn't understand a band's show (it's happened to semi-clueless judges in the past) still give that band lower scores?
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I'm amazed that so many of you have played D-1 football.
"Scorekeeper?" Don't you mean "scoreboard operator?" Sounds like home cookin' is alive and well.
Two of you folks need to chill.
Chill, betterer, chill.
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CHSALUM, thanks for your response. I'm also a CHS grad. Clarification: I said you sounded like a head coach wannabe, not that you were. There's a difference. Former CHS baseball coach John Carpenter was a friend of mine; he told me he was forced out. I know little about Dubrule; the above posts have been interesting. Another acquaintance admitted he made sure his son played ball at Franklin despite living in the Coronado district. He said CHS's post-Carpenter coaching staffs didn't know what they were doing.
Some of your word choices are interesting: "Ruining scholarship opportunities" "Underutilizing players" "Priorities in check" You sound like a head coach wannabe. Or like you've been listening to too many head coach wannabes.
Among the many reasons UTEP dropped baseball was because it kept getting its brains beat out. NMSU used to host a February college tournament at Cohen Stadium. Nebraska and Oklahoma were among the D-1 schools in it. But the tournament died a quick death because few people went to the games. I'd love to see a D-1 tournament here again. Just curious: NineteenRabbitt, what does your comment have to do with the topic?
I recall attending Texas Western College football games at Kidd Field in the mid-1950s. The school's fight song back then was "Miners Fight," featuring a slight change in the lyrics from those to "Texas Fight." The tunes were identical. It stayed that way through the 1960s and well into the 1970s, at least. I was in the band during Gene Lewis's early years directing the marching band (he replaced Harold Hillyer), and we played "Miners Fight" as the fight song and "The Eyes of Texas" as the alma mater. I'm not sure when the change to the Marty Robbins version of the fight song took place. I've never cared much for it. But I would bet the "Miners Fight" version I played was the school's fight song longer than the arrangement of the Robbins song was. Is this new fight song the one I'm told was resurrected from the school's TCM days in the 1930s or 1940s? Or is it something else?
Nice pix! How big a lens did you use? What ISO, shutter speed and aperture did you use? Tripod or handheld?
Yeah, Bill -- what's the story on Watkins and Haynes?
I won't be going, or watching. Nothing against the Miners, but no 6-6 team belongs in a bowl game. Nor does any 7-5 team. And an 8-4 team still has lost a full one-third of its games (which in my book isn't good enough for a bowl bid). Too many bowl games. Which puts too many undeserving teams in them. Blame the NCAA and the ESPNs of the world.
Why is the game in Midland? I thought all these coaches loved the neutral-site format. Or did El Dorado lose a coin toss?
I tried that twice (as a photog and as a passenger). Got airsick both times. Never again.