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I really like the goat shelter and also the previous ones. I think this does leave some room open for new animal types =) For now, I'll enjoy keeping out my special animals!
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2013 on The Goat Shelter at FarmVille 2
What? American courts submitting rulings that favor, even in guilt, major corporations? Say it ain't so~
I expect after August 31st there will be an even bigger drop.
Apparently the subtle jab of an overreaction to another overreaction was a bit too subtle. However, I still stand by the main sentiment conveyed: they raised rates on myself and others a few mere weeks ago and have yet again raised rates, an astonishing 60% for some packages. There really was no justification given (I'm quite aware of the current licensing wars, thanks), but since they recently announced expanding into other geographical markets it is easy to reason out they are funding the licensing for these new markets with raising the rates in their existing markets. There is zero added value directly related to this increase and no reason given beyond 'we think we were giving too good a deal'. Yes, if I don't like it, cancel, yadda yadda. I will be going to DVD only (and tracking Red Box expenses to compare), so as to put my money where my mouth is. However I won't stop complaining about it, because I'm not some lemming willing to let things just happen and do nothing. Choose to bitch about my bitching all you want, but blindly accepting higher prices, reduction of features, and restriction of public communication all you want. I refuse to cow to fan-boys, PR plants, or just plain forum trolls. Not making a peep gives them free reign to keep raising rates with little to no benefits and then we'll end up with just another cable or satellite service in terms of rates.
I love the people who feel the need to justify financial gain by any means. It really bolsters my lack of faith in humankind. Cheers!
I'm sticking with 3DVDs out, but I'm completely dropping streaming. Until then, I'll be weighing how much I would actually spend just using RedBox instead. I think, with has few movies coming out that I want to see, RedBox might end up be the cheaper option.
I didn't receive a credit this time either, and I was repeatedly trying to watch a movie during the issues. Go figure.
Good riddance to physical media? We have entire communities with nothing more than dial-up or satellite all over the us much less enough fiber to households to make it a fifth of the population. This doesn't even begin to address the blatant money-grab of bandwidth capping. All this puts greater control in the hands of corporate giants and allows for even fewer consumer freedoms. Bite your tongue because as the old adage says, "be careful what you wish for".
It's about control. They'll be able to stop all the review protests. There's already precious little options to make your opinions on their policies known. It's similar to how EA envelops the forums and blogs of the development companies they buy, brings them in-house to their servers, and then bans accounts while deleting critical comments from their forums.
Why the hell can't a company exist and make a profit without being purchased from an already existing monopolistic entity? Is it too much to have companies that, you know, exist on their own? Netflix doesn't need anything from anyone. There is no logical reason to sell out to a conglomerate.
Is there a way yet to ignore any comment ever made by a user, say BP108, for example?
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May 18, 2011