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Legend Has It
Please, call me Madam Red. ♥
Interests: i'm the girl you see sucking on a spider man candy cigarette, reading the kids "jack sparrow" series, sipping a cup of coke out of a jar with my black-polished nails tapping to "bananaphone".
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Ah, autumn. In parts of America crisp, warmly coloured leaves swirl to the ground and crunch wholesomely under Dock Marten’s, oxfords and saddle shoes. School busses guzzle on down the gray streets and chug tiredly past trees shedding their “coats”. Of course, while the trees are taking off their clothing, we are putting more on. Jackets, scarves, mittens, boots…we gradually move through lazy autumn and eventually into the glistening white snows of winter. What will the feel be this fall? I’ll give you an idea. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Colours: Eggplant purple, browns, grays, crèmes, blacks, army greens, beige, maroon and other variants... Continue reading
Posted Aug 17, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog Please read this link first before you continue. Why are people so rude and so ignorant? Will people ever have an answer to that question? I am an artist. I have a deviantart, I received an art scholarship to my high school. That justifies how many artists, photographers, game designers, etc. I communicate with daily. They are all modest people that aren’t egotistical about their artwork but are, fairly, proud of their achievements. This link just crushed many of us out there in the art community… It made us outraged. This man sugar-coated every single rude comment in that... Continue reading
Posted Aug 9, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
Can I take a vote? I'm on deviantart, an artist's site. There are groups on there, some with awesome Academy admittance and all that jazz. I'm already head of one large fanclub and a smaller, basically inexistant one. Should I create an exclusive group club? Continue reading
Posted Aug 4, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
The following year, the principal was still the head of the school. I was in seventh grade, just getting over my terrible year, when we were called to an assembly. By a woman who had first-hand experiences with bullying. Her story seemed all to fake. The bullying was way too exaggerated and for some ODD coincidence there was a fairytale romantic ending. Not lying. I sat front row and happily slouched in my seat with a frown on my face, just enough that I looked polite but only the principal, who sat behind the speaker, could notice. I saw the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 20, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
It was a week later that my principal pulled us out individually, me being last. At my school, punishments start with infrigements. Infrigement 1, usually for missing work. Infrigement 2, misbehavior of a minor level Infrigement 3, otherwise known as detention. And so on. The principal grabbed my arm very tightly it almost hurt. I could feel my eyebrows narrow in anger and my eyes shoot rays of hatred at her. The corners of my mouth turned down to create the all familiar frown of distaste. In one hand she held Infringement 2, misbehavior on a minor level, and in... Continue reading
Posted Jul 20, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
I'm going to tell you a little bit about my story. It began in fifth grade when an annoying boy started making fun of my group of friends on the playground. It was me and my two tight female friends and me and two of my tight male friends. Occasionally another girl joined us, a friend from my basketball team. This boy picked on us and picked on us. He put down multiple others of us. He kicked the basketball pole at recess, trying to show us how strong his kicks were and how they made a dent in the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 20, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
I may not be a professional movie critic, but I am the actual voice of the people. Critics look at movies in a professional college-taught-like way. I’m just telling you the thoughts rolling off the proverbial tongue of my mind. With that said, here are my thoughts. This is my second time seeing Toy Story 3. I can’t tell you I liked it better because it’s impossible to like it more than I did. It’s fantastic. All of us have seen it go: A great movie, then a sequel that’s pushing the envelope but still turns out well, and then... Continue reading
Posted Jul 6, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
I had a few people ask me what my favorite anime are, and why I like it. Well, first I’ll tell you why exactly I like anime. Most people make fun of anime, for pointless stereotypical reasons. (The crowd anime brings, the type of animation it is, the odd storylines, etc.) I like anime because it is the only type of cartooning that allows all emotions to be exerted on the surface. What do I mean? Let’s take yourself for instance. There’s many emotions lurking inside of you that you wouldn’t let surface. (Your angry at someone, you fake happiness.)... Continue reading
Posted Jul 2, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
Sorry everyone that I haven't blogged lately! Very busy so it's hard to keep up!! Rap, instrumental, blues. All of us have a music preferance or, hopefully, span out to many genres of music. Many tests are done each year on how a certain genre can effect a person based on it's content and format, and trust me -- from my results it's all true. I was at a party. The girl was not very much a friend of mine but hung out in a rude, snobby, teen clique. You know the type, from Mean Girls? Yes. I have them... Continue reading
Posted Jun 2, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
I can't remember any time in my life that my mother wasn't influencing me in the art of fashion. Whether she was gushing over Marc Jacobs or dawning Chanel shades, the biggest names in the industry were pounded into my head since the tender age of five. Once in a while I heard that name that soon would be my favorite: Alexander McQueen. McQueen was not just a talented man in fashion to me. He, I thought, was a genious. The most brilliant in his line of work. In the entire occupation, his name was the first that came to... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
Some Quick Style and Beauty Notes... -Want nice-scented hair? A small, dime sized amount of bubble bath makes hair smell delicious. -Go to Sephora's for variety and efficiency; go to Bath and Body for relaxation and scents. -Where less makeup. No need for shadow and sparkles and blush in the day, ladies. If anything, just mascara and foundation are fine. But I insist, show the natural, gorgeous you! -Put a face mask on once a week. Your pores won't look large and you feel fresh. -Curlers instead of curling iron. You don't need hairspray then. You sleep with them on... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
I'm not one for professional reviews, but please bear with me. My birthday was Wednesday, so of course I took all my friends opening day (March 5th) and they gave me Alice-related gifts. (That turned out to be a great thing!) You know Snape, Severus Snape? *points to crowd and asks individuals at random* He was the blue caterpillar!! I wasn't aware of that until he talked! Anywho. Mia Wasikowska portrayed the perfect Alice, being stubborn and curious. Johnny made the perfect balance for the Mad Hatter: Fantastic, but not too Joker-ish. I loved his transition of accents, from English... Continue reading
Posted Mar 6, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
Here's just an overview of some amazing pictures I've seen lately. I'll be posting soon (The 6th) since on March the 5th I'll see Alice in Wonderland. Stay put for my review. Beautiful ruffle dress!!! 1930's Depression. It'n't it the cutest?? A person posted this on the Style Rookie, Tavi's, blog. I think it's fantastically interesting... Continue reading
Posted Mar 2, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
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Feb 3, 2010
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Feb 3, 2010
These are only the movies that I probably will be seeing and reviewing. I only watch and review ones I want to see, sorry. ^^' heheh. Alice in Wonderland - Alice falls down the rabbit hole once again, only this time, Underland is ready and waiting for her. March 5th Iron Man 2 - Robert Downey Junior. Enough said. (haha) This is, of course, the sequel to a mechanized superhero built to fit a rich man in fighting (basically) terrorism in the Middle East. This is only my assumption from the first Iron Man. May 7th Toy Story 3 -... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
Lots of you have probably noticed the extreme Alice in Wonderland trend ushering in. Here's a look at how this 19th century novel has influenced the current trends... FASHION TONS. OF. FASHION. Alice's innocent, whimsical style has inspired multiple lines of clothing to alter their style to fit this current fad. The following pictures are from the February-March issue of GL Magazine. Sorry for the terrible scan. ^_^'' heh. Also, notice THE HAIR -- its kind of fuzzy, tweezed, non-perfect hair with Victorian styles upgraded to the more modern demand. MUSIC The current blockbuster Lovely Bones' trailer has a operatic... Continue reading
Posted Jan 24, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
SONG OF THE YEAR 2009 In my personal opinion, KEI$HA's "TiK ToK" is the song that best describes the teenage life of 2009. So out-there, fun, free-bird like. (although the music video screams 'tramp!') Good job, whoever writes KEI$HA's songs, you win an award for Song of the Year. I'm also blaming you for making that girl look like a s*** and egotistic, though, so don't go jumping around. CHECK IT OUT, MAN. Things to look into that are pretty awesome, even if they aren't trendy in this coming year of '10. The Miserable and Melancholy Accounts of Rose Goode... Continue reading
Posted Jan 2, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
The character Sherlock Holmes has been portrayed by a record-breaking 90-some actors. Robert Downey Jr. brought a new aspect to Holmes' personality, giving him a different air than the famous Basil Rathbone did in the 40's. So, yet again, we revert back to the novel that started it all, Sir Arthur Canon Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series. Referencing back to Doyle's books, Mister Downey has to be the first actor to get the most out of Sherlock Holmes and stay with the descriptions. In the novels, Holmes' house is supposed to be pretty much trashed, but he can walk to a... Continue reading
Posted Jan 2, 2010 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
In novels, there are tons of different and beautiful worlds that come to an author's mind. Some might end tragically, others with fortune ahead. The origin of some places are formed from a bottle of vodka or some drugs along the way. Either or, these worlds are inspirational for any aspect of a career and keep one motivated on the road ahead. Here are some of my personal favorite worlds... Oz - I mean, come on, who doesn't love the land of Oz? If you don't like the movie, you still have to admit it would be a fascinating place... Continue reading
Posted Dec 19, 2009 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog is probably the largest artwork website on the internet. Here are some of my personal favorites... Repti-cuteness Overload by Blepharopsis Omygosh who couldn't love this absolutely adorable reptile?? Look at it!!! Awww! Puzzle by NadezhdaVasile So cute and done by someone with SO much talent. Fantastic. Emily Angel by MirandaFear Even unfinished looking like this, I found it so cool and so inspirational. Amazing! The Answer, My Friend by allison712 All of allison712's photomanipulations are interesting and amazing. They're so pretty and with so much thought. This left me thinking for weeks. Duel by DianaCretu... Continue reading
Posted Dec 16, 2009 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
BEAUTY PRODUCTS -Dylan's Candy Bar products. Since it's a huge candy store in NYC, all the lotions, shampoos, and lipglosses are sweet-scented. I especially like the Birthday Cake and Chocolate Cupcake scents. They smell exact! -Love Perfume. You can find it at the closest Sephora's, it also comes in Grace scent, but this perfume I took a liking to. It's small and comes in a nailpolish container for $15. -Seacret from the Dead Sea. Yes, I know the people are urgent. "MADAM CAN I ASK YOU A QUESTION JUST FOR A MOMENT PLEASE?!?!?!" ...ya. It's scary, "No no no I... Continue reading
Posted Dec 14, 2009 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
I love interior design. Beauty can be transformed into so many man-made things; fashion, artwork, and interior design. Rooms with red, gold, and anything musical, like the piano on the left, are classic. The plants aren't exactly customary, but are fine. Notice the gorgeous architecture above the arches. Coco Chanel's room is an inter desi icon. (in ter dee sigh - shortened form that some designers use) It has perfect French colouring with Victorian era mirrors. Purple goes SO well with that light in the top right corner. I love the fireplace, mantle accesories (candles), and the carpet pattern --... Continue reading
Posted Dec 14, 2009 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
I know lots of people want fashion tips, want to see who they should model after, what movies they should see, et cetera, et cetera... Well, here you go. ^^ FASHION TIPS Petite - Never ever where pants that are baggy. This is my one rule for a petite because it makes you look bigger. You never want to look bigger went your petite, it's a gift, a blessing. If you have a smaller bust and your petite, don't where baby doll tops as a solution. Even with a small build, it appears to people looking at you that you... Continue reading
Posted Dec 13, 2009 at Sweeneytoddluvver12's blog
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Dec 10, 2009