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I would argue that "Girls" pretty much demonstrates the Beasties ironic distance from their subject matter: "Girls! To the dishes/ Girls! to clean up my room/ Girls! To do the laundry/ Girls! And in the bathroom"... Which isn't to say that they did not take the form seriously. Then again I'm about their age now as when they made the album. One only needs to listen to how terrible a group like LMFAO is to see how sophisticated they were even on an album as inchoate as Licenced to Ill. "Paul's Boutique" on the other hand has a Joycean density and Marxian alacrity. They weren't so much post-modern as modernist. With regards to MCA he grounded the group by virtue of his impressive growl providing the needed balance to Mike D and Ad-Roc's Jerry Lewis whine. He will be sorely missed.
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May 6, 2012