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For the record, as discussed on Off the Bench Friday night, my picks are: Penn by TKO rd 3 Silva by TKO rd 2 (muay thai in the clinch is the difference) Kendall Grove continues his return to respectability with a win In what we dubbed 'the battle of the gatekeepers' Neer eeks out a victory Amir Sadollah finally gets to start to develop himself as one of the up and coming youngsters in the game and gets the easy win Winners on the undercard Nelson McCrory Leites Riddle (KO of the night possibility) Sotiropoulos Villefort
I agree that the key to this whole fight is going to be BJ's mental focus. But if BJ's mind is right, then he is one of the most dangerous fighters on the planet, especially at his more comfortable lightweight. I think that too many people are putting too much stock in BJ's loss to GSP -you can't really hold that against him, he was at a size disadvantage, and let's be frank who else has a chance against GSP. I also think that Dana's man crush on Kenflo has helped inflate his stock a little. Kenflo is a good fighter, and has rightfully earned his title shot, but if you break it down, where does he have the advantage over BJ? Stand up - advantage BJ, and while Florian has shown a developed submission game recently, Penn's flexibility makes him very hard to pin down, as well as making him dangerous to catch you from unexpected positions... My pick Penn by TKO in round 3