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As an avid (over 100 books a year) reader: If a book I want isn't available in ebook format, and for a reasonable price, then I'll just leave it on my TBR list until it is, and go on to reading all the other books on my list. I don't have enough storage space for my books, and so I only get hard copies of ones that are either reference books (cookbooks, travel guides, etc. where the ebooks aren't always practical to use) or by top favorite authors that I'll get signed the next time I see them. It's funny, a few years ago, King put out a digital only book and everyone cried print is dead! Yet we're still getting into discussions of print/ebook. I think both have their places and uses, and I don't see that changing in our lifetimes. But I think options are important. If you look at Baen, they've been putting out ebooks since 1999. I used to get books out of their free library and load them on a truly horrid ebookman reader, reloading everything and the operating system every time the AA batteries died on me. And yet, I still get paper books sometimes, when it's worth the storage space. It won't take more than a day for it to pop up on the torrent sites, if other popular books are anything to go by.
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Jul 16, 2012