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This is a very peculiar article. For two reasons: You render lesbians who are statistically 85% of all same sex parents invisible. The default human in your worldview is decidedly male, which in general is wrong 50% of the time, but regarding same sex parents will be wrong far more often. Another reason is that you do not mention how same sex legislation has been used by polygamists. Example: Winston Blackmore's (fundamentalist Mormon patriarch with over 20 wives) two wives Shalina Palmer and Lorraine Johnson married each other in a fake marriage to avoid the deportation from Canada to the United States of the other. Both Shalina and Lorraine were only 15 years old when they were spiritually married to Winston, which was legal at the time, since Canada's age of consent used to be 14. This would be sensible if the boyfriend is 15 or 16, but hardly in this case of a much older man.
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Apr 14, 2013