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Heather, I saw this post from Brett King's timeline. Can relate from when I used to travel more, and makes me both reflect on how happy I am to be at home not travelling as much now, and also missing it some as well. Have you read Alain de Botton's Art of Travel? Fantastic. I suggest the brown hardcover version (One of my favorite authors, along with Douglas Copeland).
Toggle Commented May 25, 2012 on Road Warrior at heathervescent
Whether it is through NFC or another form of contactless payment, the ecosystem is absolutely moving in that direction. As it looks like just about every payment provider on the planet (new players every week!) is moving to either innovate, partner, or (attempt to) control this space, we should focus on standards and leveraging a improved level of user experience to navigate our way through. That way we can say that this period of payment evolution resulted in not just the disruption of banking, but a true behavioral match at a just in time moment for the evolution of worldwide commerce. It's not where you bank, it's how you pay.
Best of luck James. Thank you for all of the great content and work over the last several years.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2011 on Some personal news at BankerVision
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Jan 21, 2011