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I believe the responses in this forum are fairly telling in how completely useless this new agreement is going to be for Warner Bros DVD sales. I don't think most people care anymore about a 4-week waiting period for rentals - there's too many other things to watch (streaming content, the internet, recorded DVR programming). This type of business model is ridiculously obsolete and it's almost sad watching these studios scramble to hold on to it. The parallels to what happened in in the music industry are starkly obvious. Greedy corporate entity guarding its content till its last breath, without any forward-thinking strategy to take advantage of technological advances, until they become almost irrelevant. I would imagine it's just a matter of time before the same thing happens to the movie industry. I can't really blame Netflix for this, and I rent whatever happens to be available so I couldn't care less when the DVDs show up on the site.
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Jan 7, 2010