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Linda Ellis
Author, Speaker, Poet
Interests: Creative Writing, Public Speaking...LIVING MY DASH!
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Ever feel as though you've been "selected" to perform an act of kindness? I do! Continue reading
I recently read about a study at the University in Sydney which suggests that some fish have higher cognitive function than previously believed. I am reminded of a large carp that I have thought about many times over the years.... Continue reading
So April Brown, we will spend our fifties arguing on the Internet. You continuing to post distorted sharing the real truth against the lies. What a waste of time. Wish we could just share a lunch and resolve our differences like professional adults. But too much water has passed under the bridge, I suppose. Life is too short for all of this. I actually do wish you well, and I respect your passion. I just wish it were directed toward something positive. Sincerely, Linda Ellis Continue reading
Some Simple Truths Copyright 2007 Linda Ellis Every trait that I surrender as I slowly lose my youth is replaced with a life lesson… traded for a Simple Truth. I HAVE LEARNED… “…it is okay to answer “no” with strong... Continue reading
My dash began on a Monday. June 4, 1962 to be exact. I'm told my mother wasn't exactly thrilled about a June pregnancy in the south Florida heat. That is, until she found out that she finally had a baby... Continue reading
Smiley Faces Copyright 2017 Linda Ellis 20 years ago, I experienced an epiphany that literally altered the next two decades of my life, an inspiration that slowly transformed everything I was and everything I believed, the catalyst that would lead... Continue reading
The Ties that Bind copyright 2017 Linda Ellis I am visiting a beautiful woman in Tennessee, now in her eighties, a relative of my husband’s family whom I have been blessed to come to know. For years, I had admired... Continue reading
Variables by Linda Ellis copyright 2016 I read the words: “605 Roadway Fatalities This Year” as I drove under the digital sign suspended ominously over Interstate 75 heading north to the Carolinas. I felt an unexpected, yet undeniable heaviness in... Continue reading
The Vase by Linda Ellis © 2016 Yesterday, I happen to glance out my back window and noticed the most beautiful salmon colored rosebud proudly beginning its journey on the branch of a neglected rose bush. I was surprised and... Continue reading
Shared this at a gathering about the cyberbullying/cyberstalking epidemic: Know that I am a different woman today, a different Cyber Citizen than I was before my experience with virtual terrorism. I was stalked and publicly degraded. I was defamed and... Continue reading
Her Turn copyright 2016 Linda Ellis There is an old woman who has always been here, since I breathed my first breath, she began to appear. Her gray hair arrived first, then a wrinkle or three, as she began to... Continue reading
Intersections by Linda Ellis, copyright 2016 This lifelong journey, an invisible map without a pre-determined route, a voyage plotted through twists and turns and decisions filled with doubt. Individually, we plot our paths and yet they still connect, for we... Continue reading
Copyright 2016 Linda Ellis One of my earliest recollections is riding my bicycle past the elderly people sitting in their rocking chairs on the porches of my neighborhood, seemingly content with the world. Even at a very young age, I... Continue reading
Leaves that Don’t Leave copyright 2016 Linda Ellis The more I experience life and nature, the more solutions I discover to explain issues that have plagued my consciousness. One of these solutions, oddly enough, is clearly exemplified in the act... Continue reading
I do, as the author, Linda Ellis love to share my my books, on my website, and on my blog. I ask if anyone wishes to share my inspirations (which I hope you do) with friends and family that you use the means we have installed on each...the share buttons. This way the work stays where it belongs and can still be shared with others through a link. As always, I love for any of my work to be recited anywhere at any time. Continue reading