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Althouse has never been, what is the word... smart. But she has in the past been at least uniquely daft. This is generic Townhall-class twaddle. In fairness, writing on the same subject she managed to author something dumber and more hackish than Andrew Malcolm. Anyone with the misfortune to have read Andrew Malcolm would know that's not nothing.
This post must be considered a gross libel of Demi Moore, a far more sophisticated political thinker than Mamet.
There are few things I find as strange as the idea -- implicit in so much "critic" bashing -- that the ideal critic is one who agrees with you about your bottom line judgments of everything. And, specifically, I find it very odd that anybody could be insecure enough in their own judgments to feel "bullied" by a critic. Oddly, I've been reading Christgau for two decades and have yet to delete In the Court of the Crimson King from my iTunes...
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Jul 4, 2011