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I ditched my Roku for a WD Live box. Got tired of waiting for Roku to implement subtitles and 5.1. Lots of promises, no action.
This is as lame as Netflix's Local Favorites for (name of local city) when you browse DVD's. Who cares!
Over the past 2 years I have become increasingly annoyed with Netflix. I started with 4 disks at a time, but since they have started getting new titles 30 days after release, offer new blurays at a trickle, only offer subtitles & 5.1 and HD on a limited basis, I am now down to 1 disk at a time. I will be ending that when the rates go up. As soon as there are better alternatives to their streaming service, hulu + is a great start, Amazon will be offering streaming to all eventually,I am dropping Netflix at the 1st opportunity.
DVD's only and no blu-rays. Well at least they are being honest about not providing blu-rays, unlike their dvd w-bluray plans where they charge you more for blu-rays they are unable to deliver. No blurays makes this so called hi-tech company a bastion of Luddites. Netflix does not or cannot reliably stream, and don't say it's my connection, I am on FIOS. And as far as Bob Shank's email goes, as they say, there is no fool like an old fool.
I am giving up on Roku products and buying the WD Live Plus and recommending it to my friends. It now supports 5.1 and subtitles. I am tired of waiting for Netflix and Roku to get off their corporate butts and implement this. Netflix has been saying "it's coming" for 2 years and several calls to Roku customer service showed them to be completely clueless about this.
Nic Peterson 9 the fool. Netflix and Roku have been sitting on their collective asses regarding CC and subtitles for years now. Great to see someone taking control of this. Now Netflix can get off it's ass and walk to court. Better late than never.
He also doesn't mention that Roku does not support subtitles or CC. That and no 5.1 audio makes it a second rate device for me.
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May 27, 2011