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Every day, I carry my Fuji X100t to the gym (used to carry a Digilux 3 but it's too big to stash in my gym bag)... I work in Beverly Hills and stopped to pick up lunch. A very nice woman (a customer) at the counter asked "Is that a Leica?" Me "No - it's a Fuji X100 - it's digital" Lady "It looks like a nice camera" Me "It is thanks". Lady "Have you been to the Leica Store?" (It's about 1.5 miles east of where I'm standing). Me "No I haven't" Lady "Oh you should go" Me (trying to be thoughtful). "I've been shooting for about 40 years. My uncle gave me his Leica (a IIIf) when his eyesight failed. That camera is in my office along with a newer Leica that I still use a lot because it has a meter. I don't need a new Leica - they've kind of lost me as a customer." Lady "oh" She was very nice and just trying to start a conversation and I regret not being more friendly. When I spoke to her, I had not seen Mr. Kravitz's 'design' so, I was a little subdued. My comments to her have worried me since - until I saw 'The Correspondent'. This just sums up why I have ZERO interest in today's Leica despite toying with the idea of an M9 so I can use my lenses with a digital for 'more everyday' use. Now leaning towards an A7ii. If 'poseurs' want to spend $10k for special cameras - maybe it will help Leica stay afloat until LVMH buys the brand.
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Mar 1, 2015