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Lena Sterne
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I am 3 years post op RNY and I have to admit that I drink more often post op then I ever did pre-op. Especially when I go out to eat, I know that I am not going to be getting the same enjoyment from my food that I used to get before my surgery and I still want to feel that enjoyment so instead of food I will have a drink before my meal. Personally I crave alcohol, I NEVER did before surgery, and I need to have serious conversations with myself when the cravings hit. I know that if I did not talk to myself and admit this to myself and others that I could easily become an alcoholic. Food was my addiction for my entire life and whatever caused me to used food to medicate is still there, and now I have to learn how to sooth myself with out the food.
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Sure would have been good if we coulda heard what she said. Oh well love hearing your voice anyways. And I have met you and I know that you a really not an attention whore.... not really you are actually pretty quiet in person. Oh yeah and I need clothes and a haircut too! Am NOT ready for Vegas. Good for you for putting yourself out there! BTW to anyone who is thinking about slamming MM for whatever she might happen to say in that interview you have been warned, keep your opinions to yourself, stop hating and work on your own problems b/c if you have nothing better to do than attack someone for speaking up then you have some serious issues of your own that you need to deal with.
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Oh man! I feel so sorry for you Beff! I can't even manage pop anymore... unless of course it has hard alcohol in it.... I think I just made myself sick. Rum and MagCit! A cocktail to remember for sure!
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I was actually shocked at the stats on that. Don't mean I am gonna go out there and buy it mind you, but heck if I am stuck for a protein shake at least I know that I can prolly get that at WalMart or Walgreens for that matter. My Wow moment... hmmm 2 years out and I have lost (and maintained) 190lbs. Even though I am broken, reactive hypoglycemic, anemic, I would still have the surgery again.
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Apr 12, 2011