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I agree with Ray’s points. Moreover I believe that any efforts by legislative bodies to regulate such a rapidly evolving issue will fail and that if MR adopts strategies such as what the MRS has proposed that we’ll be sealing our own fate and might as well close shop now; MR simply will NOT be relevant or competitive in the 21st Century. I think there are three core questions to address in this debate: 1. What constitutes privacy in the modern age of big data and what ethical obligations do companies have in how we collect and use that data? 2. Is the utilization of these open sources of data even market research by the classical definition? If not, then do the guidelines being established by industry trade orgs even have any relevance? 3. As firms that do not identify themselves as “market research” but clearly are competitive to traditional MR increasingly gain market share, is it business suicide to align with a perhaps outdated definition and code of standards? So to my mind those are the issues involved with this topic, and they are relevant indeed. In fact, I think they very well may define the future of our industry more than anything else that is impacting us today. Because we think this issue is so critical and it needs more discussion NewMR & GreenBook, with the support of MRGA & NGMR, have decided to hold a public forum debate on the topic of data privacy so that the whole industry can get involved in this important discussion. Here are the details: When: Monday, August 22 at 12:00 EST Where: Hosted on the MRGA 365 Virtual Event Platform: (This is a passport registration for all MRGA 365 events so it’s a bit longer than average webinar registrations. After you register you’ll receive an email reminder for the event.) Panelists: A TBD Representative of the MRS, Adam Phillips of ESOMAR, Peter Milla of CASRO, Ray Poynter, Tom H.C. Anderson, & Michalis Michael. Moderated by Andrew Jeavons and hosted by yours truly. Presented in cooperation with NewMR, GreenBook, MRGA, and NGMR. This will be a one-hour informal debate, with the last 15 minutes reserved for audience participation via Twitter (hashtag #MRDP) and questions asked on the event platform.
@RayPoynter I'm behind you 100%, and I suspect you can count on support from GreenBook and MRGA as well. I'm excited!
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Aug 27, 2010