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These studio executives are the biggest bunch of boneheads. Do they really think that people are willing to pay $20 for Premium Video On Demand so that they can see a movie a few movies before the disc is released? Why would I pay for a one off viewing at home a few weeks early when I could've gone to theaters months earlier for $10-$15?
What do you have against French dykes? I'd like to see some of that tongue action.
If you want to rent or buy Tiger's Got Wood, you better do it fast because Wal*Mart has already announced that they are diligently working to cleanse Vudu of all of its pornographic material pronto.
This is less Walmart commiting itself to streaming over the internet than it is a kneejerk reaction to declining and wanting to grab a piece of the Digital Pie (and not get left behind). I think Vudu will eventually get sold by Wal*Mart. The service is supposed to be great, but other than a bunch of techno geeks hardly anyone has even heard of Vudu AFAIK. Amazon Unbox is largely unknown to the general public, though. Several mainstream have heard of Netflix WatchNow, but iTunes is truly the most mainstream (well them and Hulu). YouTube has brand recognition, too, and they want to get into the movie digital distribution business. And don't bet against Google (who owns YouTube). Google has basicly taken the steal ebooks or tv shows/movies (or allow your users to do it), then pay a measly fee (in the millions of dollars for copyrighted literary works which sounds like a lot but is probably like $5 per book).
Oh, yeah, and I forgot to mention that I don't have Video On Demand because the TivoHD has Cable Cards. I'm not even sure if Tru2Way worked it would actually help me because I'm on FiOS, and Verizon's Video On Demand is delivered by IP.
Racket, this helps HBO because they are competing against EpixHD. EpixHD, which just came out a few months ago (and is basically a Pay Movie Channel like Encore or The Movie Channel), I believe, allows you to watch their content on a computer. Personally I am glad that this is available now because I have Episodes 3 through 6 of Season 3 sitting on my TivoHD. I watched the Season Premier but missed the second Episode because it got deleted (32 hours of High-Definition programming is not quite enough for me -- especially since I worked somewhere between 200 and 300 hours in January). Now I will catch Episode 2 of Season 3 on my laptop (or stream it through my XBox 360 with the PlayOn software I purchased when it was on sale for less than it's current asking price of $40 -- I believe it was either $20 or $30, and it did go down another $10 from the price point I purchased it, I believe, which was a little frustrating since I hadn't used it once it went on its "Super Sale" as opposed to "Slightly Sless Super Sale" Price I bought it for).
Looks like I've got to sign up for an Unlimited Plan at Netflix again. I watched Disc 1 of Season 1 of Leverage. Looks like Netflix has all of Seasons 1 & 2 (approximately 20 episodes). Damn you, Hacking Netflix!
Sock Puppet, Redbox is owned by Coinstar, and Coinstar is very profitable. But I guess you know more about how Redbox can't maintain their business model even though they have spread out rather rapidly (and are one of the reasons -- Netflix being the other reason -- that Blockbuster is struggling so much). And it's not like Redbox is a small part of Coinstar. Redbox accounts for approximately 75% of Coinstar's revenue. Do you think that soda and candy vending machines are unprofitable, too? Coinstar Rakes In Green With Redbox DVD Machines
That thing looks pretty sweet for a penny under $200. I already need a new alarm clock, but this would do so much more. I could see this being really handy pulling up recipes in the kitchen, too.
Cool, I can finally get HBO Go (I couldn't get it just a week or two ago). Now I can watch Episode 2 of Big Love Season 4 (since I've got Episode 3-6 sitting on my Tivo HD taking up space right now). At least I did see the Season Premiere (Ep. 1). If I could figure out how to stream to my XBox 360, I guess that would be even cooler right now.
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2010 on Can Netflix Compete with HBO? at Hacking NetFlix
Forget the UPPER CASE LETTERS BELOW IN MY FIRST PARAGRAPH BEFORE: sockpuppet, if you don't think that Netflix executives aren't thinking about how instituting the 28-day Warner Brothers window will make them more profitable and put even more pressure on Blockbuster (possibly pushing us closer to what Reed Hastings calls the tipping point), YOU'RE KIDDING YOURSELF. Netflix is looking to crush Blockbuster.
sockpuppet, if you don't think that Netflix executives aren't thinking about how instituting the 28-day Warner Brothers window will make them more profitable and put even more pressure on Blockbuster (possibly pushing us closer to what Reed Hastings calls the tipping point). Netflix is looking to crush Blockbuster. But a Blockbuster bankruptcy (which has a likelihood of somewhere between 20 and 80% IMHO -- I don't know enough or have the time to waste to delve into a stock that I don't want to invest in to give you anything more than a broad range) probably won't be a Chapter 7 (complete liquidation) because Blockbuster doesn't really have any assets as far as I can tell. Blockbuster would probably go through a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. They would probably get rid of some of their debt (the common stockholders would be wiped out, but the debtholders would probably get Blockbuster stock when they emerged from bankruptcy). The revenue-sharing agreements would probably be renegotiated to terms that are better to Blockbuster's liking. AFAIK, Blockbuster does have fairly good operations at this time, but they have been straddled with debt ever since Viacom spun the Blockbuster unit off (I believe Viacom spun Blockbuster off with approximately $1 Billion in debt). I'm seriously considering getting the 1 DVD Out-at-a-time Limit 2 DVD's per month (and limit 2 hours Instant Watching per month) for my wife for $6 per month (I want Blu-Ray which is an additional dollar per month over the $5 per month fee). I'll probably do the 2 DVD's Out-at-a-time Unlimited at Blockbuster for $14 per month. I'll be able to get movies like Where the Wild Things Are and Ninja Assasin next month (March) instead of in April with Netflix. Sure there are some trade-offs, but I will pay a total of $20 per month versus $21 per month for a Netflix 3 DVD's Out-at-a-Time Unlimited DVD's and Instant Watching (which includes a $4 per month Blu-Ray fee). And in the Summer I'll probably downgrade to the $5 per month Blockbuster plan (which doesn't have a Blu-Ray fee). But I will get discounted DVD and video game rentals from Blockbuster. These are trade-offs I will take, and I prefer renting from Amazon Unbox (as opposed to Netflix Instant Watching's buggy performance -- it crashes my Series 3 TivoHD which is one of the reasons I got a XBox 360 -- and horrible selection).
The people who say, "Oh, well, I don't really care -- I can wait four weeks." That's great for you, but companies like Blockbuster's have revenue sharing agreements where they pay a much higher percentage of revenues in the first month (in exchange for much lower prices for the discs so that they break even faster). Netflix is saving costs, not passing along these costs to their customers (instead trying to fatten their bottom line), and making their customers lives more inconvenient in the process (and personally I pay Netflix because I think their service makes my life easier -- this deal Netflix made with Warner Brothers makes my life more difficult).
"According to the press release, there will be a higher availability level for new releases than there was previously. So, if you're already waiting 4+ weeks to get a new release" I don't wait 4+ weeks to get new releases. I rent approximately 5 movies a months, and I was a very profitable customer for Netflix. I've done the buy and resell thing with HD DVD's (i.e. I Am Legend) on EBay, and I have just discovered Goozex which so far is even easier than doing EBay. I pay Netflix approximately $250 for the convenience of having them ship me the movie I want when it is available for rental. Netflix has made my life less convenient, and I am not prepared to pay them a convenience fee and deal with getting new releases on my own. Netflix wants to pay less for their movies, make them available later, and not give their customers any type of break. This is a totally dick move, and I am speaking with their feet. Netflix forgot that I am their customer, not Warner Brothers. Netflix is Warner Brother's customer, and Warner Brothers is one of Netflix's vendors. You keep the customer happy, not the vendor.
I called to cancel. Netflix just doesn't get it. I pay $21 for three movies out (and Blu-Ray), which is mostly just a convenience. Netflix made plenty of money off of my account, but it is really ridiculous that I should pay a premium fee for second-rate service.
Nothing. My damn Series3 TivoHD sputtered when trying to stream Constant Garnder.
"The list got very little use (EXCEPT FOR A CORE GROUP OF PEOPLE THAT ARE UNPROFITABLE FOR THE COMPANY NETFLIX BECAUSE WE DON'T CHARGE ANYTHING EXTRA FOR STREAMING) and we strive for a clean simple site, so we removed it." There, fixed their quote.