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Originally, Worcester
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I am starting to think that TRG Tory is a purely fictional character, maybe even a clever troll, who enjoys baiting and provoking eurosceptic, conservative Tories for the sole purpose of creating a stir. Whether it's the EU, or the Barnett formula, TRG Tory throws out the catnip and watches the other readers of this website begin to growl, meow, scratch, and bite.
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The 59 percent have it right. First, there should be some deference to candidates who will often have a better sense of their constituencies than CCHQ. If a candidate finds that expressing a desire to leave the EU generates excitement and interest in his or her campaign, the candidate would be foolish to ignore that sentiment. Second, if CCHQ doesn't allow this kind of open discussion, it will fuel the growth of the UKIP. Conservative "BOO" candidates must be able to assure BOO voters that the Conservative Party is their natural home. Otherwise, they'll go elsewhere.
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Conservative 32% UKIP 18% Liberal Democrats 16% Labour 15% Green 11% BNP 3% Will Labour come fifth in the South East region? Yes. Mr. Hannan will win his bet.
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Isn't now the right time for David Cameron to bring a motion of no confidence?
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To answer the question posed in the headline, "no." There's not much that governments can do well. They can keep the peace. They can kill people and break things. They can provide private parties with courts so that they can, themselves, endeavor to enforce contracts and obtain judgments. But when it comes to wet dreamy, intangibles, i.e. "respecting and nuturing the skill of craftsmen," the bureaucratic welfare state loses its way. The bureaucracy becomes more interested in meeting its own needs than in meeting the needs of the public it ostensibly serves. Besides, how in the world could one measure success, as defined by IDS? And is it for these wet, dreamy intangibles that the UK is going to run a 50 percent tax rate? In the U.S., David Brooks is an interesting writer and public intellectual, but American conservatives at the grassroots level are traditionally far more libertarian than their communitarian British counterparts. From about 1776, Americans have generally been wary of the state. David Brooks looks across the pond and sees the future. History, however, is often unpredictable, and I suspect that the Cameroons have overshot the mark and would be well-advised to get back to their stiffer, Thatcherite roots.
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"Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around." -- Conservative Party Leader David Cameron How proud you all must be!!! Word to the wise, insulting one's would-be constituents is usually not the way to win their support. If the Tories won't stand up and defend "mainstream Britain," some other party most certainly will.
Toggle Commented May 13, 2007 on Saturday 12th May 2007 at ConservativeHome
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