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Jul 30, 2017
Another musical cat anecdote, if anyone's interested. I don't have cats myself but I do a lot of cat-sitting. One of my absolutely favourite pieces of contemporary music is Peter Maxwell Davies' FAREWELL TO STROMNESS. Once I was playing it on the piano in the house where I was cat-sitting, and the cat came into the room and meowed pathetically - and my partner said, 'Yes, I agree'...which of course made me giggle so much that I played it even worse! However, when I was looking after someone else's cats more recently and was playing it, one of the cats really loved it! He came to sit under the piano stool and purred really loudly all the way through!
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2012 on Wagner Cats at Intermezzo
I ADORE Thomas Hampson, but I cannot imagine him as Sachs...he doesn't have the right sort of timbre in his voice....athough it would undoubtedly be an intelligent and interesting interpretation, it wouldn't SOUND right! There were plans a few years ago to get him to sing Falstaff, which fortunately he abandoned... Posa yes,...I fell in love with him (and Pappano, now SIR Antonio!) when I saw the Chatelet version, yes, I prefer the French text also. Macbeth also, thought his Macbeth was awesome...but perhaps not Rigoletto, and DEFINITELY not Falstaff. And definitely not least he has given up threatening to sing Wotan!!
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2012 on Hamp Sachs? Or just Mozart balls? at Intermezzo
I love cats and I love Wagner.... One of the cats I look after is called Mimi, but she is so naughty that she should have been called Musetta! When she was a kitten she used to tear through the house like a small grey tornado....until one day I put a DVD of the Chatelet DON CARLOS on, and she was ABSOLUTELY FASCINATED..sat in front of the screen for 10 minutes without moving!!!
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2012 on Wagner Cats at Intermezzo
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Dec 11, 2011