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I'd cut cord in a heartbeat but the rest of the family won't. But hey, fine let's just keep paying 170 bucks a month for a bunch of useless channels we don't watch. Seriously, when the Viacom channels went off I was like OH NO. Then I looked at the list and there isn't a single channel on there that I watch. I think it's pretty sad that they could cut off nearly 20 channels and I don't miss a single show.
Earlier in this thread I posted that I haven't had ANY problems since last October. Things have changed. I had decided to go to streaming only for a little while. I had a few discs I wanted to get before that though. One of these was Into the Wild on bluray. I got the movie and it was visibly cracked on the top right of the disc. I tried it and it played until 1:08. I have since received 3 replacement discs. All 4 discs were different (I put a tiny mark on each disc on the white netflix sticker in the middle) yet they were all cracked in the exact same spot and they all stopped playing at 1:08.
Of course they should. They should offer anything and everything they can to satisfy as many people as possible. The argument of "they shouldn't offer this because *I* don't have it" is just silly.
I don't remember the last time I got something that wouldn't work. I can't even remember the last time I got something that was scratched more than what you would expect.
I think the most amazing thing about this is...who the hell is Dean Ambrose?
Hacker group Anonymous is trying to lead a Netflix boycott on twitter. Netflix could lose 10s of subscribers tonight!
I don't see why HBO GO is a threat to Netflix. The great thing about Netflix is that it offers an alternative to overpriced TV services. To get HBO GO you have to not only have cable or satellite but you also have to subscribe to HBO. Until HBO GO is it's own stand alone service like Netflix, it's not even competition much less a threat. And while it has some cool stuff to watch on there it's content is a drop in the bucket compared to what Netflix has available.
I don't understand why Netflix even lets people review movies. Who cares? I've never picked or not picked a movie based on some random person's anonymous Netflix review. If I'm looking up a movie on Netflix, I've already decided I want to see it. And if you need reviews there are THOUSANDS of sites where you can get more reputable and reliable reviews than the typical "WORST MOVIE IVE EVER SEEEN" type reviews I've seen people post on Netflix.
All I use is Xbox and Roku. I have it built into my TV and bluray player but don't feel the need to set it up since the other ones work just fine.
My disc are delivered so fast that it's hard to find time to get them watched and there's way too much stuff on streaming, my queue is getting bigger and bigger. I need more time in the day, can Netflix give me that?
I posted in the original story that when I went to the site to activate, the button was froze and wouldn't click. So I refreshed the page and then it told me that I was not eligible for a free rental. Well, it turned out that it did work and I got my bonus disc. But for some reason they sent me a movie that was no longer in my queue, one I had deleted a few days ago and no longer needed. So not much of a bonus for me. haha BTW, I posted this because I thought it was funny, not to complain. My life isn't ruined because I didn't get 1 bonus DVD.
You have ALWAYS had to return two discs if you got a bonus disc. I don't know why this is news. Is there anything Netflix can do that somebody won't find a problem with?
I got the email. Clicked it and went to the screen where you hit the button to activate it. I hit the button 700 times, it didn't work. So I exited the browser to try it again and now it says my account is not valid for this offer.
Gilligan's Island
Bring back the Andy Griffith show.
Working fine for me on Xbox. But the movie I watched really sucked so I wish mine didn't work too.
The ONLY thing I dislike about Netflix is the "best guess ratings". I just want to see what movies are actually rated by people who've seen them. I want to go to Netflix, go to a genre and rank the movies by rating and see what people say is good. Not what some weird computer formula thinks I'll like. I should be able to go to horror section and see a top 3 of something like Exorcist, Shining and Psycho. Instead I have a top 3 of Son of Frankenstein, Werewolf of London and Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus. Then I go to the bottom rankings and I have 5 of the bottom 10 in my queue right now. It makes no sense. After that I'd like to see Netflix ban the IPs of everybody who whines about streaming not having new releases.
I left Netflix for Blockbuster in 2008 for a few months because I liked the idea of returning the envelopes for in-store rentals. That made it worth having. When they dropped that aspect, it wasn't worth keeping anymore. Delivery was slow and they were constantly losing DVDs. And when DVDs went missing they'd try to charge 60 bucks for movies and 80 bucks for a TV disc and I'd have to have long dragged out fights with customer service trying to prove I returned the damn things. I went back to Netflix once in-store returns went away and I don't see myself leaving for another service ever again. I have never had one single customer service type problem with Netflix and I've been there since 2002. Of course now Blockbuster has brought back in store exchanges seeing as how it's impossible to find Blockbuster stores.
The headline is a bit misleading. It's NOT a deal with Dreamworks. It's a deal with Dreamworks Animation. If it was Dreamworks overall this would be a huge move. But since it's ONLY the Animation, doesn't really do much for me. Dreamworks Animation ain't exactly Pixar and they don't really have that big of a back catalog. While this doesn't replace Starz and it doesn't really float my boat personally, it's a huge sign of things to come when a studio completely bypasses the pay channels and just goes directly to Netflix. Everybody is crying over the price hike and service split but I have no doubt that those things are going to lead to us seeing more and more of these type of deals, content is going to improve and people are going to look back at their outrage and wonder what they were thinking.
You mean I have to ignore your meaningless movie ratings on two different websites now? OH THE HUMANITY!!!! NOOOOOOOO!! OH MY GOD!!! WILL THIS NIGHTMARE EVER END!?!?!?! Every single person who complains about how ungodly terrible it is to have to use two different website should be forced into a tour of duty in Afghanistan. You non-contributing zeros and your "problems" are a joke.
Why does anybody care what it's called? How does it change anything? Keep sending movies to my house every couple of days and they can call it Rapeflix for all I care.
It's really pathetic what an entitled society of brats we've become. Boo friggin hoo. Your DVD envelopes will have a new name on them. Let's all cry and whine about it. Grow up and get over it ya babies. Netflix is and will continue to be an amazing service that only a few years ago was a pipedream. It reminds of the Louie CK bit about how people do nothing but complain about flying, never realizing what an amazing miracle it is to be hurtling through the sky in a big metal tube. It wasn't that long ago that we were having to drive to a Blockbuster to get a movie, now we get movies pumped directly into our TV all we want without leaving our couch. We're living in amazing times and the technology is just going to get better and more amazing in ways none of us imagine yet, and the entire time that happens there will be a group of entitled babies crying that it doesn't live up to their unattainable sense of perfection that all things must meet at all times. Go screw ya whiners.
I've always felt the Starz content was pretty useless. The quality of the streams isn't as good as others. Usually never in HD. Quality of movies is even worse. Usually whenever I look at a movie and see "Starz Play" I ignore it. There are a couple of movies on there I want to watch before they go away. But most of their offering is nothing but crap like White Chicks and Harry and the Hendersons and they don't have the TV series library that HBO or Showtime have. The only show they have I wanted to see was Torchwood and they won't even put it on there. Seeing as how most of the few good things Starz offers are Sony movies, I don't see why Netflix doesn't offer the money they were offering Starz to Sony and cut out the middle man.
I just don't get the war over Starz. Their content is horrible and the quality is even worse. Who cares? Good luck, Dish, maybe the people who actually want to see White Chicks, Prince of Persia and Step Up 3 will dump Netflix for you. Personally I think this is nothing but good news for Netflix. The money they had penciled in for Starz can now go toward something better.