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Saratoga Home Staging
It is my greatest pleasure to help my clients sell their homes in the least amount of time and for the highest price possible. Even in a difficult real estate market. <p><p>Neil Bindelglass, Accredited Staging Professional <B> 914.466.4585</B> <p><a href=""></a><p>
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I am often asked about how important it is to prepare a home for photographs when it is listed. Here is an article in which I was interveiwed about the subject... A Positive Image - When it comes to real estate, good photos can make the sale by Jennifer Gish, Albany TImes Union, published August 21, 2011 Homebuyers often fall in love with a photograph. And when the majority of house-hunting is done on the Internet -- the National Association of Realtors says at least 90 percent of homebuyers use the Internet in their search -- badly lit, ill-staged photos won't do. "You need to stand out above all the rest," says Jonathan Beach, a Realtor with Select Sotheby's International Realty in Saratoga Springs who uses his background in architectural photography to shoot his own listings and listings for other agents. "You need to create an emotion from people, so when they see (a house), they fall in love with it." An October 2010 article in REALTOR Magazine discussed the payoff of high-quality photos with listings, citing a study by Redfin, a Seatle-based real estate brokerage. "Redfin found in an analysis of more than 100,000 listings in the Boston metro area and Long Island, N.Y., that homes with professional photographs sold anywhere between $934 to $116,076 more than those shot from cheaper, point-and-shoot cameras," according to the article. "What's more, homes with professional photographs were found, on average, to be viewed 61 percent more online than others in that price range shot with a lower-end camera. The listings that used digital SLR cameras also commanded a 47 percent higher asking price per square foot." If sellers want the highest-quality photos, they can hire a professional who specializes in real estate photography. Sometimes, real estate agents will hire photographers themselves. Despite the data by Redfin, an expensive camera might not always be necessary, some say. Neil Bindelglass, owner of Saratoga Home Staging, often takes photos for his clients. He says when it was time to replace his camera he searched the internet for "digital cameras for Realtors" and found a bunch of reviews. He says the $120 camera he purchased takes photos that are even better than his old, more expensive camera. Regardless of who's behind the lens, there are several ways to create photos that will make buyers fall in love. "The first and the biggest mistake, which is all over is that people just photograph the room without making the bed, with the towel hanging across the vanity, with the garbage bag on the kitchen floor," Bindelglass says. "Even if the room isn't perfect, the field of the camera needs to be perfect." That's why homeowners shouldn't feel compelled to take photos of every room in their home, he says. That cluttered office or dated bathroom isn't going to make a homeowner fall in love. Bindelglass recommends choosing the best-looking rooms and using those to entice buyers into scheduling a showing. Close-up detail shots of interesting features, such... Continue reading
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