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Why can't peanut butter fix everything?
Interests: Letters in reply to Darla on My very best friend since birth who lives so far away
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Dear D. So there's a few topics I need to update you on... than I'm going to shut this puppy down and play hide & seek with the boys at the house. #1 I ordered the 6 week body makeover. Google it. Ruth is all excited and I told her... Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2011 at Oh Darla
What in the frack is up with my dreams... Last night.... here's the dream... Larry & I found out we got to transfer to Myrtle Creek. We were BOTH excited (1st sign it was a dream). The "office" looked like a big hang out/gang room for overagged teens and other... Continue reading
Posted Jan 5, 2011 at Oh Darla
So I had this CRAZY dream last night that just woke me up at 5:30 in the morning, on a day I could sleep til 7:30. I really felt like I must share.... It was a day like any other, and yet not really. Butch and I and the parentals... Continue reading
Posted Dec 29, 2010 at Oh Darla
Dear D Did you hear me talking to you this morning? I often talk to you. When it's late at night and my brain won't shut off and I'm laying next to Butch, listening to him snore. I tell you about my day.... Whenever the boys are gone I tend... Continue reading
Posted Nov 27, 2010 at Oh Darla
Dear D. I know that working graveyards is just kicking your ass right now. I tried my hardest to stay up for you last night. I made it to 11pm! But than my exhaustion kicked in. Had you called me at 11:18 when you texted I probably wouldn't have made... Continue reading
Posted Nov 23, 2010 at Oh Darla
I miss living in the country. Where a day would be spent doing some good old fashioned manual labor. A weed eater or lawn mower in the back forty. Scrubbing down some cabins with the owls in the raftors wactching us. The middle of fall when the only people that... Continue reading
Posted Nov 6, 2010 at Oh Darla
I really like that song. It's a good one. When I talk to you on the phone every day I can pretend you are only a short drive away. Since I'm grounded to the house tomorrow I'm going through those boxes and finding the disk and setting up my web-cam... Continue reading
Posted Nov 2, 2010 at Oh Darla
It was a great chat in the wee hours (I mean your afternoon) yesterday D. It unfortunately didn't make the rest of my life any less hectic, but since you are stalking my other blog you should already know that. It's too long to type twice. Since I love to... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2010 at Oh Darla
I've finally found the perks to being sick. Amidst the *cough cough hack sneeze cough * there is a quiet place. It's in my head. The stress and worry of my thoughts slow down. Because they can't focus when it's all cloudy in there. It's sad when Sick Sleep is... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2010 at Oh Darla
Dear Darla, I reallly really hate your guts. You are scum between my toenails. You make me vomit. The next time I see you I'm going to stick a big fat wad of gum in your hair. I'm going to write Dork Stamp on your forehead with glow-in-the-dark-sharpie when you... Continue reading
Posted Sep 4, 2010 at Oh Darla
Dear Darla Did you know that school starts on Tuesday. My babies are going to be in the 5th and 2nd grade. How the eff did that happen? Took them on a bike ride today. And I realized that Austin has became the Bigger Brother. The one that rides the... Continue reading
Posted Sep 4, 2010 at Oh Darla
Dear Darla, Your package of goodies arrived yesterday. It had a book and coffee and candy galore... But you weren't in it. *Sigh* Bighead said he could stuff you in the box and no one would be the wiser. He is such a liarpants! The t-shirt had the faintest scent... Continue reading
Posted Sep 3, 2010 at Oh Darla
Tried out a new church kept Butch from walking out during the singing..... it was just "Tooo Much"  decided to go back to the other one we've gone to sporadically tried to explain to Austin what Daddy meant when he said the church was "too wierd" Butch is working... Continue reading
Posted Aug 22, 2010 at Oh Darla
Hello. My name is Alfalfa. I dream about my Grammy. A lot. I asked Bon-Bon about this and she told me it's because she watches out for me... I asked Mommy about it and she says that she never has, but that Annie would think it's great - so I... Continue reading
Posted Aug 10, 2010 at Oh Darla
Sometimes you stand at the edge and you watch the ground fall away. You wait to see how close it gets before it stops .... or ... you fall through. You watch and worry and stress and fret. And wonder. If things are going to be o.k. It's looking a... Continue reading
Posted Aug 3, 2010 at Oh Darla
I went there. I browsed. I read. I obsessed. I hearted it. Fab-u=lous. I don't know how you find these treasures. But you do.
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2010 on from a fan at Dear Darla Diaries
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There are days I wish we lived back than. It all seemed so much simpler and prettier. I hate technology and how fast things are speeding up... and the kids growing old. I miss Grammy and Grandpa but am ever so glad we have pictures.
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2010 on as it used to be at Dear Darla Diaries
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It's 3:06pm on a Thursday. The local neighborbood cookoo is in here rambling on about dying her hair. You know the one. The lady that is quite a bit larger than most and has a butt in front. The one that you physically have to remove from the office because... Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2010 at Oh Darla
D, So the day started out crummy enough. The scale was hysterical and could barely make the words out of You Are FatER before it seized and lit on fire. I look in the mirror and see flashbacks of a me that was 35lbs lighter and when I used to... Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2010 at Oh Darla
D- So much has happened this week! (And mind you - these are all in random order. But you will know EXACTLY what I'm talking about). Found long lost Danny on facebook. Nice to see brother's face after so many many years. Also nice to know he's no better than... Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2010 at Oh Darla
Our arguments... as of late... "Can I have a kiss?" "Maybe later." "*Sigh*" "See, you only asked because you want a reason to bitch." "I only ASKED BECAUSE I NEED ATTENTION. I CRAVE ATTENTION. AND I DON'T GET IT UNLESS I STALK YOU AND BEG FOR IT!" "See. You're getting... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2010 at Oh Darla
The boys are back home after a two week hi-a-tus. The house is currently filled with four (?) of the little rugrats knee deep in video games. The teens are with their mommy/step-daddy in Portland. She's staying there until Saturday, or he gets his paycheck in the mail. We fixed... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2010 at Oh Darla
Dear Darla Today is one of those days that I hate HATE Big Sir for joining the mother effing air force and moving you so far away. We were bickering a few minutes ago... "But YOU'RE who I tell things to!" "Get a friend!" "I have a friend and she... Continue reading
Posted Jun 30, 2010 at Oh Darla
Dear D So some lessons in life you get to learn the hard way. Like raising kids & marrying men. I've spent the past few weeks observing the youth of my man. Sweet yes. Also extremely lazy and unappreciative. And, wouldn't you know it, they don't communicate well. Just like... Continue reading
Posted Jun 25, 2010 at Oh Darla
Dear D Remember the guy we worked with at the paper who told us about POETs Day? Piss On Everyone Tomorrows Saturday. Yep. Tomorrow is Poets Day. (We could also say Peanutbutter On Everything Today)It's been a long week of Mondays Twin. Some days the trailer park just won't settle... Continue reading
Posted Jun 24, 2010 at Oh Darla