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I must agree that we Cameroonians are not helping matters out. First of all we turn to put the blame on Fru Ndi. Infact He has persistently denied having anything in common with Biya. We even heard him rebuke Biya openly for telling a lie that they had a rendez vous to meet in Mvomeka.Chaaaahhh!!! Power too can mislead peoples consciences. Biya even has forgotten his father's job and what he studied at the Seminary. Now back to Mr Fru Ndi's case, Biya has just succeeded in breaking up the opposition and that's why SDF isn't very strong as at first. The CPDM used state money to spread propaganda and buy over Cameroons' judas's. Look at Mr Fondjidam. He championed the meeting which suggested the revision of the constitution for Biya to have another term in office.Where is he? Nemesis will catch up with each and everyone. A contry where the so called political leaders have their people at heart won't have up to 180 political parties. Imagine, if each one wins in it's constituency and a disagreement in parliament will mean arguing every trivial matter for 180 minutes. haha L'impossible n'est pas Camerounaise" We should leave Mr Fru Ndi alone and see what we can do. He has tried his best and is still doing. We who are young can continue at the battle front while he works at the brain front. God Bless Cameroon.. I was almost in tears. Excuse me folks. Next time
Haha!!! I think why Biya isn't even facing the criticisms more is because he has an effective mafia which plays the role greatly with the west. You may like to hear this, about 1/3 of money embezzled from Cameroon is given to some key western leaders who can be detrimental to Biya's stay in power if not tipped.They won't loot from their country ,but will get all they want from African leaders. Secondly, most of us Cameroonians in the diaspora are doing our best to silencec our poor families back home with our hard earned Euros or Dollars. With monthly support from relatives abroad, most Cameroonian families are better off with this than those toiling in the civil service. So the families no longer look at Biya as an obstacle any longer and have just decided to ignore him. My God !!! Why has thou abandoned thy people? We don't want to stain our hands with the blood of Biya but dear Gracious one, can you do us that favour by taking him to your bossom? Father, it's a distress call and prayer. The Bible says we should not rebel against authorities in power,coz no authority exists without God's approval.Father lord, what is our crime for approving this authority for so long? I beg you Lord to forgive our sin then and liberate us from this ruler. In you we base all our hope . Amen !!
Happy New Year to all our friends !!!! Sometimes it beats my imaginations on what the army is meant for in Cameroon. Our cowardice has been proven even far beyond our borders. The army in Cameroon thinks it's role is to protect the president and not the people. How comes that for close to 30 years now that there is total spoilation in the country, not even a single soldier is ready to liberate the people? What a shame !!!! It's time you prove your worth to the world at large that you are an army for the people and not only for the president. Sometimes those coups are neccessary to correct the wrongs and harm already done to our beloved country Cameroon. May be you are not seeing it, but mind you Biya is not only tribalistic but also very egoistic. With the amount of wealth he has accumulated, I read the pathetic story of a child with an eye tumour left to die in Yaounde. Oh my God, what's the role of this man Biya? I almost derailed abit but mark you it was just out of annoyance. I was chatting with one Vietnamese friend in Beijing and what he told me almost made me weep. " We were at war for close to 30 years but I can assure you, my country can give aid to your country. why ? Coz you guys are in modern slavery working for one person who owns an army and 20 million slaves." I gave him a punch anyway and we ended up at the police and there I was told " you are just an ignorant man,why do you hate the truth?" What truth? Are we really slaves? Somebody help me . Thanks bros !!!!
Churches and pastors of doom versus believers of iniquity. The gov't should be blamed for all these short comings in the name of seeking deliverance and salvation. A congolese whose own country is rocked and shaken to it's very foundation by the devil will come and find his free heaven in Cameroon. I know to err is human and to forgive is Divine, but every profession has rules which if one goes contrary to, the state must step in and administer proper discipline.In the police force, they have guns and the right to shot bandits, but not indiscriminately killing people with the gun. If it happens, the said cops is charged. Pastors are supposed to respect what they teach, hence if they go contrary to this, their churches should be expelled from the land. It's true western and African countries critisize China, but objectively, it's the safest so far for now as far as the security of it's people is concern. They would probe and the least divergeance from the norms you layed down in your institution, they ask you to park and live. For the ladies who fall prey to pastors, what does he teach you? Love you pastor with all your heart and commit adultry and fornication with him? I think not. So in case he starts such, you just tell him"you said you are a pastor right"? Now if you continue in this way I will denounce. The Bible says open rebuke is better than sacred sacrifice. Don't be afraid to do this coz it will help scare other pastors.
Mr Afanyi,don't be afraid,continue your fight as against corruption. From your analysis, Iknow the guy in question and he is a friend of mine and also one who is very loquacious. Never mind,his problem will be dealt with in due time. Who could immagine that those already admitted could be revoked? He will surely swallow the bitter pills soon. It just suffices ,you get his original transcripts from the dept of Geo,UNIYAO 1 and ther you will see his real age. He may know many people ,but it's not his duty to cry foul on other people's misdeeds when punished. Who makes him the universal sollicitor? I read the PM is worried about brain drain" here them" We are doing the little wonders we would be doing back home but to foreign lands ,why? Visit Lapiro de Mbanga. "You like you digam like grounmbip, if u nodeh for equipe national,no man no go see ur good sense" God change the mentality of my country's people.
Hahahahaha !!!!ha ah haha!!! Hear those who want to go on strike. If Cameroon is rotten today it's because of a good number of these varsity Dons. They have failed in every aspect of daily life to support the local people in Cameroon. In most countries were well and sound moral intellectuals are found, suggestions to the govenment on burning issues are provided by these Dons. The lecturer in Cameroon will only give but political advices to the ruling CPDM. Fine, all of them I can now say did a bit of political science. When Biya slashed down their salaries, they diverted their attentions towards exploiting the unfortunate (students). Now the students too have become very vocal through ADDEC and this has made life very uneasy now for some of these very illbred lectures. I passed through the famous UNIYAO1.Coming from a family that could barely afford for my daily needs, I won't mixup words here concerning the hell I went through.Couldn't buy polycops ,couldn't attend lecturers private classes(300frs) per class and a host of others Well the hidden agenda here is that ,after the strike some lecturers will profit and will be given ministerial post come December impending cabinate reshuffle(just a wish). Watch out and you will see the hypocrisy in the eys of those pretending to lead the strike. Again a big laugh Hahahahahahahaha! Shame
It's disgusting for someone with myopism to put up such a pathetic and utopic comment on to this forum. I have been following the comments and shallowness it contains from the so called "united states of africa" calling on the SW/NW divide. He even stupidly writes that he has althrough his life been living with his family in the SW and has been witnessing persecution and tribalism. Now the point is this, have you not been offended by this tribalism you are trying to pinpiont here? Funny as you are, you are telling the world that there is tribalism in the SW but you still have you hot buttocks adhered to your seat. Maybe you come from a desert in the NW (which doesn't exist )and don't know where to go now that you are been taunted in the SW.If you feel insecure then carry your tribalistic self out of the SW and create your own dynasty of doom. I come from the SW but I'm married to a N Westerner and we have never been at logger heads on such flimsy and idiotic topics. We do know some myopic people can make such comments but everywhere in the world such problems arise.Even at the Vatican, the I talians once thought the throne of the pope was none other but theirs. Time has proved them wrong. Please divide not our SW/NW provinces. Stay with your own republic.