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Divorce is tough on both parties. Men should be aware of all the laws involved or at least know where to look for resources on
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Businesses need to look for ways to save on costs and contribute more to green activities. For example using a service for payroll checks can help save money. This is just an option.
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2010 on My Favorite Business Model at A VC
I'm a recovering addict and my struggle still continues. My doctor helped me find a site which gave me the names of places in my area that I can go to for more support. It works, it can help anyone with their addiction recovery. My family has been amazing with helping my recovery and comes with me to my meetings.
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All recovering addicts need a support system. My boyfriend is a recent recovering addict and life is hard for him. We have watched the show “The Cleaner” and it was great. The show has real concepts and most of it my boyfriend can relate too as can other addicts.
This is a great article. Addicts and recovering addicts can benefit from the advice given. My boyfriend is a recovering addict and with a long struggle is getting his life back together. We did some research and found the treatment guide online at to be helpful. He's in a support group to get through his daily struggles with life.
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2010 on THE GUIDE TO REHAB at Addiction Today
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Jul 9, 2010