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Our Freedom and Liberty make us great. Using our Freedom responsibly makes us better. - Nice! 1) You don't have to "rely on" or "accept" the ideas of someone who thinks slavery is appropriate, or that government run health care is appropriate. You don't have to provide them with a platform. You don't even have to listen to them. You just can't use the federal government to stop them from saying it. 2) The constitution is easy to change - all you need is 2/3 vote. It is this first amendment that allows you to campaign for that 2/3. :-) 3) Jason Alexander (the philoscientist, not the actor) used to say that the good thing about evil is that it is so ugly. All you need to do is expose it to light, and people will turn away from it. The beauty of free speech is that we are free to shun those who speak ugly. If you praise Nazi's you lose credibility. Simple. And, some people think that the communist manifesto still has it right. Only more light on the subject will heal that collective/collectivist scar, not trying to suppress its expression.
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May 5, 2010