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Crystal Williams
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I think the reluctance to talk about our personal sex lives goes beyond the irrationality that lies in the wake of sex. Personally, the inadequacy of words to describe sex combined with the need to preserve the intimacy and privacy of it makes it difficult even for me to talk about my personal experiences. Sure I can talk about any aspect of sex with clinical detachment (when I'm trying to convince my family that my interest in reading about sex isn't completely smutty) or passion (when I'm talking to like-minded people who believe sex is too fascinating and important to NOT study) but as soon as it comes to my personal sex life, even I tend to get tongue-tied. Not only can it be weird telling people the sexual acts you've performed when they either believe you aren't THAT type of person or just disapprove, it can be hard to effectively convey how transcendental the experience can be and how orgasming makes you shake harder than a baby with a rattle. There's also the issue of intimacy - having sex can be like joining an exclusive club of two (or one, three, four, etc...) that's great due, in part, to it's exclusivity. You have something to bond over and relish that no one else can completely replicate. Maybe one day we will become more open about our sex lives. With that said, I think I will now sneak off to do something that is best left unsaid
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Jul 6, 2011