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Lexie Grete
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Hey there -- love that more peeps are getting into vinyl lp's. Rock on! I know that vinyls are making their comeback/reappearance when even Taylor Swift is turning some of here famous singles into hard records. Good to see that people have not lost respect for this form of music media. I don't know if you are at all considering collecting or selling any beautiful vinyl singles you've collected, but if you are just let me suggest The reason I do is that I've been jipped on a couple more well-known "marketplaces" because there's some loophole in the seller agreement that indemnifies anything against these marketplaces, so I've lost a couple $40-$50 vinyls to sellers who never end up paying...anyways, now I sell on because they actually guarantee my sales so I never have that problem again. Sorry to be a downer! Anyways, keep up the good work and happy blogging/selling! Lexie
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Nov 7, 2010