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Brittney, Thank you for your post. What's the point in having a policy that protects people from filth if its not enforced? Sadly, its our job to hold public officials and authority to uphold their duty and do their job. Its not just San Francisco where the attitude "You really want to file a report, because nothing will be done" from law officials. Wilminton, NC, 2006. I was held up ad gunpoint at the on premises laundry mat at my apartment complex. I gave lip service-the attitude and demeanor that I was broke and narrowly paid a traffic fine and my boyfriend was in jail (oh those lies we tell to save our own lives). After him leaving to say "don't tell anyone about this" I called and filed a report. I got a follow-up about a month later from a detective with some ID-sheets for me to look at. I picked the right person. I was politely informed that he has a record and lives near by. I respond by saying "when do you pick-up someone in cases like these?" The detective laughed "They don't go get someone. IF he commits ANOTHER crime...." My enthusiasm for resolve quickly went away. I politely asked the detective to please get the hell out of my home. He was puzzled. I had to explain that he just told me the person I positively identified lived within walking distance and there were to be nothing done. Thank you again for bringing awareness to something that taxes are supposed to be protecting us with. ~L is now following The Typepad Team
Oct 7, 2012