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Congratulatons So happy for you
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2008 on Happy Birthday!! at This Endless Love
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I can't believe that it has been that long. I remember finding out and reading everything I could. You inspire me. Thanks.
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Yeah! Welcome Caroline. You have a great mom and big sister.
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2007 on Caroline is Here! at Uncommon Julia
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I have to say that I am glad I am not the only one who looked huge when they were not that far along. Sorry hate to say but it only gets worse.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2007 on Pop Goes the... Sumthin' at Uncommon Julia
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I am so happy for you. Congratulations!!!!!
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2006 on Second Numbers at Uncommon Julia
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they have a message board now that you can talk about your experience with ov-watch or ask any questions. Good Luck to you.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2006 on Tick, tick, tick at Everything And Nothing
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Good Luck. Hope you ovulate soon.
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2006 on Seeing Red at Uncommon Julia
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Reading all the comments on low sex drives of our others makes me laugh. My husband and I are the same way me high him low. I thought he wasn't normal.Although I can say I have had none zero not a ounce of a sex drive since becoming pregnant. Hopefully that will soon change.
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2006 on Go Ahead - Burst My Balloon! at Uncommon Julia
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Happy Anniversary! May you have many many more.
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2006 on Anniversary at Uncommon Julia
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I completely agree, I also had a scare when I was in college because of it. To me not getting the vaccine would be immoral. Teens can still be a virgin and still get HPV. Something for all parents to think about.
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2006 on Flaw in the System at Uncommon Julia
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I so love this show also and agree with Amber I don't want to wish the summer away but I want to see it back on the air too.
Toggle Commented May 16, 2006 on TV Talk at Uncommon Julia
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Delurking to say that is something I would never do. My MIL and I just do not get along.
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2006 on Hurtling Toward the Abyss at Uncommon Julia
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I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2006 on Watch for the Sunset at Uncommon Julia
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