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Oh, now you gone an dunnit. Just as the internut was showing signs of recovering from borkehmania, you publish three articles about it in one week. It's gonna be 1997 all over again. The brokehpocalypse is nigh. I hope you realize if I outlive you, after you're gone I'm gonna edit your Wikipedia entry to blame the whole borkeh craze on you. But I'll do it in fuzzy language.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2012 on Bokeh King? Not Hardly at The Online Photographer
In street, documentary and photojournalism I tend to prefer everything in reasonably sharp focus, especially photos with a sort of theatrical milieu or lots of activity for the eye to explore, like this recent photo by Zun Lee (whose documentary on fatherhood was recently featured in the NY Times Lens blog): I'm not allergic to borkeh'd pix, but I'm not addicted to 'em either.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2012 on In Defense of Depth at The Online Photographer
"...introduced the term "bokeh" and the concept behind it to photographers in the West." I remember that, via CompuServe chatter way back when. Thus was the internut forever borkeh'd. And you dunnit, Mike.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2012 on I Should Have Said... at The Online Photographer
They should call it the Trolga, considering the righteous indignation it provokes.
Best camera review I've read in a long while. Any site can do tech specs. I want to know about the user experience. Also, is it wrong that I LOL'd at the drama?
I got lucky in a pawn shop several years ago. I don't remember her name, but coincidentally they also had an Olympus 35 RC with the SL39-3C UV filter and PS200 flash - fairly uncommon extras - all in very good condition, for around $20. I'd been looking to replace that camera since selling my first 35 RC years earlier during a lapse in sanity. Still one of my favorites, and currently loaded up with Tri-X. BTW, going home is overrated. It's the place where they remember all of your vices and none of your virtues, but thoughtfully wait until dinnertime and holidays to discuss it.
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Aug 26, 2010