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Seriously cute dolls! I have made dolls all my life, would love to have a look at these for new idea.
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nice patterns! I am always looking for something to show off the ribbons I design, and wouldn't it be fun to print coordinating fabric?
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I have made several of Meg's aprons, both Emmeline and Lola/Lolita, trimmed with my own LFN Textiles ribbons, and I have sold the Sew Liberated patterns at sewing shows alongside my ribbons. I am so happy to see how Meg's business is expanding! Great dress pattern (and I live in dresses, so much more comfortable than pants) Laura F. Nicholson (lfntextiles)
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I am so happy tp see Meg's world constantly expanding. I have made several of her darling apron patterns, both Emmeline and Lola/Lolita, trimmed with my LFN Textiles ribbons, and I have also sold her Sew Liberated patterns alongside my ribbons at trade shows. This new dress looks terrific! Laura F. Nicholson (lfntextiles)
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How nice to find this lovely blog from Evansville! beautiful energy here. I am involved with building up the New Harmony Farmer's and Artisans's Market to become a dependable and valuable source of food for New Harmony and Posey County. We share vendors with Evansville's and Mt Vernon's markets, and we are working hard to extend the growing and Market season from mid spring to late fall. Why not? You can grow food here nearly year round!
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It is a toss up between my seam ripper and my tiny embroidery scissors -- which I use for ripping seams among other things. Actually, the scissors win: I have been tryingto clip the reverse applique in an alabama chanin project this week and it is misery with those dull old things!
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oh, nice, Lindsay! I love the sequins.
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2012 on Ribbon and Sequin Lavender Sachet at serendipity
Great to see how you made these up. I am very much lookingforward to making my own -- the kind of thing I wouldn't sit still to do in my studio, as there are so many other pressing things to work on, so this should be sheer pleasure. See you in Minneapolis!
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2011 on Recycled Friday. at Lettergirl
It was a delight to have you here, and as for R&R, it was more a frenzy of ideas and creative conversation! come back foon to Utopia. Laura
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May 22, 2011