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We love this, Tradiio team! Our platform's high-level vision is "bring true patronage back to the music industry", so we're right there with ya! Will be introducing ourselves soon. :) -Landon
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Happy freakin' Friday! Our team loves some HypeBot, thanks for doing what you do. :) Speaking of Apple Music & of the news that Facebook is talking to the big labels... We're launching a platform for artists to live stream, chat with fans & build their brand -- while monetizing studio time via subscriptions & donations. The industry is broken, labels suck & our frustration with all that is why we're building a platform to serve as the new label & shake up the industry. Bringing TRUE patronage back! Good luck to all the amazing artists on here, that are putting in the time to learn the business, evolve and grow. That's what it's all about, here's to the #FutureOfMusic! ***Email [email protected] for an invite to the platform & we'll get you setup if you want. :)
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Great article on something that will/should shape the future music industry! We're currently closed beta testing our platform (similar to Twitch but built by artists, for artists), would love to discuss & give you early access. Let us know if interested ([email protected]), & here's to the future of music!
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Jun 23, 2015