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On November 22, 2021 the Toronto sign will be lit red to recognize National Housing Day. National Housing Day is observed across Canada and affirms that housing is a human right. As the Federation of Canadian Municipalities recognizes, “National Housing Day commemorates the moment in November 1998 when FCM's Big... Continue reading
Posted Nov 19, 2021 at Arts & Culture
International Literacy Day is almost here! This worldwide celebration and recognition of literacy is coming up on Wednesday September 8, 2021. We thought, being a library, this was the perfect time to think about what literacy means. And to share some ideas on how to celebrate the importance of literacy... Continue reading
Posted Sep 3, 2021 at Arts & Culture
Students will need to adapt to online learning this fall. The school year for high school students is going to look different this year. Online learning is going to be a big part of it, so we’ve pulled together the best tips out there on how to succeed in online... Continue reading
Posted Aug 31, 2020 at TPL Teens
Online research takes skill. In high school, you need to transition from searching for information to researching a topic. When you have to do research, a simple Google search is no longer enough. This is when Google Scholar and library databases can help. We know this transition is challenging and... Continue reading
Posted May 4, 2020 at TPL Teens
Brainfuse is great for connecting live with Ontario-based tutors and for accessing the Writing Lab for support with your essays. ​Basically, if you need any type of homework help imaginable, they have you covered. If you're new to using Brainfuse, check out our blog post about how to reach live... Continue reading
Posted Apr 21, 2020 at TPL Teens
Ever been told by a teacher that for your next assignment you need to use books as sources? A REAL BOOK! Not websites, or articles from webpages or even a research database, but an actual book. While I’m hopeful you’ve searched our website for books or resources in the past,... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2019 at TPL Teens
Research and building research skills is one of the biggest new areas when you enter high school. Last month this blog touched on issues related to plagiarism and in this post we'll expand on that into exactly how to avoid plagiarizing from the sources you use in your research. While... Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2018 at TPL Teens
As a librarian who spends most of her days in Toronto high schools, I have sat in on a lot of staff room lunches and overheard a lot of talk that probably sounds familiar to you. “…and I was able to google parts of his assignment and found the exact... Continue reading
Posted Sep 10, 2018 at TPL Teens
Fall programming is in full swing here at North York Central Library. We are eagerly anticipating two very different and exciting programs coming up in early October. On Tuesday October 8th join us as we host Maureen Dennis, President and Founder of WeeWelcome and Parenting Expert for the Marilyn Dennis... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2013 at North York Central Library Blog
Hi Chris There are no plans as of yet to reschedule. We will keep you posted through the website if and when we are able to schedule a new talk. Thanks for your interest; we were all disappointed when the event got cancelled.
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Is it just me or did the summer fly by? I can hardly believe that school starts tomorrow! In the spirit of the season, North York Central Library is hosting some ‘back to school’ programs especially for parents. These programs aim to help parents hone their parenting skills, get some... Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2013 at North York Central Library Blog
Oh, we have all been there! Love the list of books and the tidbit about Chocolate Chip Cookies - where would we be without that particular accident!
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My son, who is the same age, doesn't seem to be as picky as your daughter but he does have his moments! Thanks for the book recommendations!
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2013 on Picky Eaters at North York Central Library Blog
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As part of North York Central Library’s Aboriginal History Month programming this June, we will be hosting award-winning documentary filmmaker and activist Alanis Obomsawin and showcasing her new film The People of Kattawapiskak River. This is an incredible opportunity to meet one of the most vocal and engaging activists for... Continue reading
Posted May 27, 2013 at North York Central Library Blog
What a long, snowy winter we have had! Now that the last blast of winter is hopefully past us it is the perfect time to venture outside and enjoy the weather. There is no better way to enjoy our city than to partake in some physical activity throughout our more... Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2013 at North York Central Library Blog
Are you a high school student looking to complete your 40 hrs of community service? The North York Central Library is proud to host our annual Volunteer High School Fair for Students on Monday November 7th, 2011 from 3:30-6 pm. 25 exciting agencies and organizations who are looking for youth... Continue reading
Posted Nov 1, 2011 at North York Central Library Blog
Image by Brett Lamb/Torontoist Imagine if we could start fresh and build a brand new city above our current one? ‘Upper Toronto: Envisioning a New City’ asks us to do just that and as citizens think creatively about what is important in creating a liveable city. Join us at the... Continue reading
Posted Sep 26, 2011 at North York Central Library Blog
Researching a topic? Having trouble tracking down information? Want to brush up on your library and research skills for the next school year? North York Central Library offers one on one, personalized Book a Librarian Sessions. In these sessions you meet for up to 1 hr with a librarian to... Continue reading
Posted Aug 19, 2011 at North York Central Library Blog
Are you thinking of starting a family? Are you expecting a baby? Trying to get pregnant, being pregnant and becoming a first time parent can be very stressful times. Luckily, the North York Central Library has a collection of books to help make these exciting times more manageable. We have... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2011 at North York Central Library Blog
North York Central Library is proud to celebrate Asian Heritage Month on Saturday May 14 with a full afternoon of great programs! We are one of the lucky branches that is able to host a Homelands Festival this year with our focus on West Asia. The event will begin at... Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2011 at North York Central Library Blog
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