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don't believe the hype
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There is no way life is supposed to be. There is life. You have this life. Of all the words intended to comfort me These have most successfully taken root Sprouted And begun to crack the resentment still burning my feet when I try to ground myself There was no... Continue reading
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Jun 27, 2015
---- sometimes the truth is hurtful and it hurts people to know it or see it ---- and it's not the truth really but a story a person has told themselves about what that truth really means about them about their value --- tell someone the truth and that will... Continue reading
I've been struggling with how to write this blog post because I couldn't figure out how to make it tie together, seem cohesive, seem like anything else but ramblings. --- How would that be different from anything ELSE you've written? You might ask because, you know, you're mean. Just kidding... Continue reading
Last night I came across a quote talking about forgiveness. It feels like I've read about forgiveness ad nauseam, and I often think there's not much more I could learn on the subject and that I'm doing pretty well… maybe even REALLY well. But this quote struck me. "When we... Continue reading
if my dying moments whisper I am wrong it is of no more consequence than what I have believed any breath of any moment come and gone. Continue reading
My father didn't raise activists He loved us, and was proud of us, and I don't think he wanted to feel as bad about that as he did, But once we had to have a long talk about what he meant when he said he felt he had robbed the... Continue reading
I have never had the urge to tell anyone else's secrets I remember once I told my brother's wife that I had kissed his friend and he was angry at me because I had asked her to keep a secret and married people don't keep secrets and what was I... Continue reading
it has been an anxious time for me it is not life-stopping, isolating anxiety it's the mild burning of being uncomfortably overstimulated by life like an ever present heart burn just dull enough not to talk about but evidenced in the way I put my hand to my chest and... Continue reading
I haven't written in a while. But really, that's nothing new. A lot of the things I write start with that thought, and I wonder why it's even worth bringing up That's not a way of implying that I don't think it should be brought up I honestly wonder why,... Continue reading
Writing was the first thing I can remember anyone telling me I was good at But, the way I saw it, I wasn't good at writing I was good at seeing. I remember the feeling sitting quietly and staring at the scene in my mind Trying to capture it Wanting... Continue reading
I wonder What if we all know the truth? and I know it now and yesterday knew it differently and tomorrow will meet it again and know it ---- I think sometimes YOU ARE WRONG and it is like that in all caps because I grew up with computers and... Continue reading
here are some notes about things I have thought for a long time I probably should have had someone check my work sooner or maybe it's ok the way that it worked out ----- I see the potential for having a happy life in front of me actually it's not... Continue reading
One of the hardest things about being a part of a community is that if you are really going to be yourself and really be a part of a community or a group or a pair you have to allow people the right to talk shit about you It has... Continue reading
So I wrote this a while back and didn't post it because it was too close and sounded too mopey. But I've been thinking about the fact that, when I get my mopey seriousness out in my blog, I am a much funner person to be around in real life.... Continue reading
I tell people that where I went to undergraduate is not very important. I tell them that many people are qualified to get into a top-tier school, but the job of the admissions committee is to create a diverse and cohesive class. This means that there is a cutoff for... Continue reading
I live in a room that does not belong to me I do not own it and I do not rent it and I have done nothing to deserve it. Any day it could be taken away from me and I would have no right to be angry no case... Continue reading
There are a lot of things that I want the record to show and it won't and I can't force it There are a lot of things the record will show I would rather it didn't But it will and I can't change that And then there is what actually... Continue reading
Today, I bought a pumpkin spice latte and it made me want to cry. I didn't then, but later, as I sat on the plane drinking it, I gave in. I had forgotten how much my father liked them. The shallow worldly things he allowed himself to like were so... Continue reading
I don't think there is any danger of me looking back on this time as easy. Mostly I get a lot of mileage out of feeling ok. and I feel ok, even good, most of the time until the next thing comes along and reveals how close I am to... Continue reading
The start of this blog, in my head, was really, really good. take my word for it ____ As it is, I sit down to write and I'm not sure what to say. Too much to say, I guess. My dad, when I was younger, used to introduce me as... Continue reading
but, I figure I might as well get it out there. I am not married. How that came about is both a complicated and mind-numbingly simple story but I will say this: Everyone is a million dollars But not everyone operates using the same currency Be very "ware" of exchange... Continue reading
as previously noted. I do a lot of blog writing in my head. after entertaining many possibilities, i may be circling in on why I do this I have never had a doubt that "thoughts" and "language" are two vastly different things. It has always been a translation process for... Continue reading least not exactly. so I think I'm done with posting this to my facebook, and maybe knowing that will make me feel a little less... shouty? I miss my dad. I miss him like you miss someone that's gone on vacation, and I'm not sure what to do about... Continue reading
I got this advice to stop having imaginary conversations in my head and actually say things, and, since I don't know who to talk to, I will write. It's not that there's no one willing to listen and for the countless offers to do so, I am grateful. Really, it's... Continue reading