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My favourite 2014 set is Life is Beautiful. I adore those giant double layer butterflies. It uplifts me to use them on a project and they always bring a smile to the recipient as well. A truly special set! :)
My favourite from 2013 (and this was hard!) Is Cutting Garden. The ranunculus are so pretty and I love how each component is individual so you can build your bouquets a la carte depending on the occasion and the amount of time you have.
I love all flowers but my absolute favourite is lilacs. After a long Ontario winter, it feels like the whole world is born again when spring finally arrives. For me, lilacs are the expression of the entire season wrapped in one joyful, heady aroma.
Bright and colourful new sets for a dull wintry day and a very generous list of colours for felt included in the upcoming sale. :)
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Lizzie's new Palm Prints is right up my alley and Maile's awesome Splits set continues to deliver. And a sale! From my favourite company! I haven't done much paper crafting in a while but what a great chance to stock up on harder to find good quality items like felt and ribbon.
I have a great family and always feel loved. But last Christmas was extra special. I've had MS most of my adult life which I manage, but I'll admit it was a real kick in the gut when I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I told my girls I didn't want any gifts, i just wanted time with them. Well they gave me both gifts of love and time. They took me out one day and we all got pedicures. Then we went to a lovely tea room and had afternoon tea in front of a beautifully decorated fireplace. We had a wonderful time and I if I didn't think I could love my girls more before that day, they proved me wrong yet again! My lymphoma is currently in remission, I have a brand new, gorgeous granddaughter and I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas, no matter how you celebrate. :)
Wow, cute get well products. The tissue cover is adorable! I've been on the 'unwell' side of the equation for the past couple of years but I'm hoping things turn around this coming year and I can get back to doing a lot more of the papercrafting I love. Making 'feel better' kits looks like fun. :)
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Maile's new swans manage to be borh modern and graceful and I am such an ardent fan of her 'splits' series. This month's bunches of flowers are super sweet!
It's the Thought looks both lovely and versatile. I'm such a fan of Maile's 'Splits' series and this month's new addition doesn't disappoint!
Wow, the new star shaped box is so unique! It really packs a punch all glammed up in silver.
I apologize in advance for the length of this comment, but this story is very special to me. My very favourite road trip memories took place during a road trip I took with my high school's Senior String Orchestra when I was fifteen. We traveled from our home town of Waterloo, Ontario to New York to compete in the Young Manhattan International Music Festival. I have SO many amazing memories from that trip. Driving through the early morning mists in the beautiful Adirondacks. Feeling awestruck when I came face to face with the incredible sights and sounds of Manhattan first-hand. Several friends and I saw 'A Chorus Line' during a free afternoon and on our walk back to the hotel we met Johnny Depp (this was back in his 21 Jump Street days)! We were beyond excited of course and he patiently signed autographs for our entire little group. None of us had note paper with us, so he ended up signing the fronts of our playbills from A Chorus Line! We also competed of course. We had worked really hard and practiced together endlessly for nine whole months. We had a lot invested and were so excited and proud when our investment was rewarded with the Gold medal at our awards banquet. But the most memorable and heart-rending part of this road trip was during and after the banquet. A few of us friends managed to sweet talk the elevator operator to take us up to the top floor of the building we were in and once up there, all of New York was spread out beneath us like a giant twinkling carpet. We felt like we were on 'Top of the World'. Maybe you've guessed already and if so, you'll have realized why this memory is so precious to me. It is extra special and so precious because this very special evening took place at the World Trade Center. I will always treasure the memories of that trip - my very first to the United States. Every once in a while I catch sight of my violin, which is tucked away on a shelf in my craft room. When I do, I can't help but smile as I think back to that incredible, yet now quite bittersweet road trip back in May of 1988.
Betsy's new Noted dies are just terrific. So versatile! At first when I saw the dies that went along with the forget-me-nots, I was confused - they all said 'forget'?! Then I saw them used with the stamp set and aaaah, it all made sense! So clever and such touching sentiments!
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2016 on Forget Me Not Notes at {capture the moment}
More Graceful Greetings - hooray! Plus a new, GORGEOUS colour!!! I can't wait to play around using Pale Peony with my other PTI colours.
I love Maile's 'Splits' sets; they're so versatile. Big Basics look great too - another gap filler for my ever-growing collection.
Who doesn't love sunshine and rainbows? I love the swing with its matching die. Adorable.
Wow, the whale in Heather's new Keep Swimming set is absolutely adorable! I'm smitten!!! <3
Toggle Commented May 13, 2016 on Summer Inspirations at {capture the moment}
All of the bold phrases in Calligraphy Classics are a perfect match for Dawn's gorgeous new Floral Sketches.
I'm loving the sneak peek of Dawn's new Floral Sketches (darn it Dawn, just when I think I can't love another floral set lol!!!!) and the pjs in Sweet Dreams are adorbs.
Everything is so beautiful in its own unique and special way this month. I'm partial to Maile's latest Splits set. They're so easy and versatile. I can't wait to see the rest of the release!
Y'know, I'm a floral girl at heart. Seeing new sets always revs my motor but I have to say, Betsy's new Bold & Beautiful set stopped me in my tracks. It is absolutely gorgeous!
If I could plan my next birthday, I would love to have dinner at a special restaurant with my family. My wish would be to celebrate both my birthday and my cancer going into remission.
Ooh, exciting - more doodling/colouring sets! I love the feathers! Super cute and the optional intricacies add a really special touch.
Hmmm...I think my favourite part of this year's anniversary release festivites was seeing all of the amazing creations from the DT as well as the submissions from all of the amazing loyal PTI customers! There are sooo many gifted crafters out there, it's amazing to see. I am currently sidelined from crafting(hopefully briefly!), but I'm so glad I can still get my creative fix from sites like PTI and all of the wonderful blogs from the design team.
*sigh* Floral sets are always my faves and Painted Petals is absolutely breathtaking. I hope I can save up enough points to earn it this year. What a gorgeous addition to anyone's collection!
How FUN are the new dress up dolls?!! I loved playing with paper dolls as a girl. Now I have to start pestering my daughter to give me a granddaughter so I have someone to make these for (and to play them with lol!). Hoping to be in remission by July so I can take part in this year's SAF festivities.