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Andy, with Vonages's problems, and this latest at&t lawsuit, what is your prognosis of their future? Will they survive or is this the end?
Thanks, I needed that!
That's not real funny, Andy. Microsoft's auto updater rebooted my computer last night (after downloading and installing) and this morning Skype wouldn't work. Random accident? I think not!
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2007 on Skype Suffers Major Outage at VoIPWatch
Andy, did they give any indication of what "working very well" means in terms of revenues vs. cost? It almost sounds like corporate speak for "Yes, our expenses for last month were $25,000, but we increase our ad revenue to a new high ... $1500. I'd be very interested in the bottom line.
Ken, I really appreciate the timing for this set of articles. I also like the focus for "reality" in strategic planning. I suppose we have all been part of a fantasy planning session. Good Stuff!
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