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Liam-og Griffin
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The 'f' word is unrivaled in power in the English language. It's got aggression built in and demands to be heard. Choosing to avoid the use of powerful words like this is like choosing to use a screwdriver to drive a screw, when you've got a 24v drill driver in the back of the van. Distinguished craftsmen would advocate the eloquence of using your hands to create beautiful works of art in the same way a writer would only use 'acceptable' language to colourfully express the full spectrum of emotions. I've got no problem if you want to be old school and proud of the craftsmanship of your handy work, but you're out of your fucking mind if you don't use the best tool for the job!
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2010 on The Evolutionary Value of Swearing at Bob Sutton
Interesting article... well written... one question: "...but they cheated more (the researchers figured out a clever way to catch them), especially if they were poor performers or women..." Is it just me or is the 'women' comment left hanging? Is there more detail on that?
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Jun 24, 2010