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That means a lot to me, Tara. xo
Thanks for being here and reading, Louise. xo
Whoa - those correct toes look a lot like the yoga toes I all my yoga buddies wear for almost twice the price. The effect is awesome, though. They make a big difference. Right now has a two for one sale. And nope, I'm not affiliated with them at all - just a happy customer.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2010 on mixtape zine and some links at angry chicken
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Ohmigosh, Colleen, you have no idea how much I adore you and the last thing I would want you to think is that I was pointing you out as calling for heedless pitching! Not at all - I apologize if it seemed that way to you. I'm a clumsy communicator in writing. I have another post about how I moved from serial declutterer to conscious culler and I have you in there as a great example - I love how you are sending your objects off into the world with their stories. I've been wondering if we tend to accumulate so much stuff because most of the objects we acquire are so story-less, so empty. So thank you for your example and thank you for your comments here - they add so much. xo
Thanks for adding this idea, hbb. I've seen it before on those decluttering shows. I think it would work for a lot of things. For me, with the shoes, I have a few pics of my mother wearing them, but looking at a picture could not compare with the way I felt when I actually had them on my feet. Maybe it was some woo-woo energy stuff or maybe it was just the power of my imagination - but it was an alchemical feeling.
Why am I not surprised that you totally get me? xo
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Mar 15, 2010
I would love to have the ability to create pages with a different layout, sidebar content, etc. from the main blog template. I have been seriously considering squarespace for this feature, even though I would prefer to stay with typepad where I have also been a member since 2004.
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An afternoon to celebrate women and creativity Charlotte Hood-Tanner and Lianne Raymond are excited to be hosting an exclusive showing of the acclaimed film Who Does She Think She Is? at the Courtenay Museum on the afternoon of Sunday, November 22. The show will be accompanied by an opportunity to enjoy the creations of some local female artists including the work of Marilyn Timms which is on display in the Museum Gallery. About the film In a half-changed world, women are often forced to choose: Mothering or working? Your children's well being or your own? Responsibility or self expression? Who... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2009 at Women & Art Afternoon
Hmmm - from the video it seems like typepad is going to be more like vox - a big shift from the professional/business angle typepad seemed to be promoting when I signed up - and was an important reason I signed up. I still don't see any of the improvements I've been looking for - things that would make it easier for me to customize my blog without being fluent in html and css.
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Am I missing something? When I go to the blog, the banner is nothing but a pink bar and the word fffabulous in that boring typepad font. Nothing that looks like the little box in the post.
Toggle Commented May 14, 2009 on Favorite Blogs: at Everything Typepad
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What a great project. I bet Eric Carle would love to hear about the book he inspired - have you thought about writing to the illustrators? It is really hard to pick a favourite illustrator, but I do love Julie Vivas. She has illustrated many books for Mem Fox (one of my favourite authors) and also the super touching book Samsara Dog.
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