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I am a big fan Buchanan but I am not sure exactly what the up-shot of public choice analysis is. If we can't address policy ideas to a benevolent despot, who do we address them to? In many ways, even in a free society, the sovereign state pretty much INSISTS on being addressed as benevolent. Attempting political or social change under any other assumption is actually quite dangerous and could mark you out as a dissident. Its no coincidence that Buchanan talked about a 'constitutional revolution'. To do anything beyond talking about a constitutional revolution can put you in dangerous company. Snowden and Manning probably rejected that assumption and have made some sort of impact in the political process though their actions. But its very costly. Public choice doesn't address the Lenin question, 'what is to be done?'. Having comprehended political power, how do we respond to it. Without an alternative, begging and cajoling legislators and the executive to do the right thing (and explaining how doing the right thing might even work for them personally) is about all we can do. Which is exactly what Sumner is doing.
Not all new businesses are necessarily enterprises in the way that we (and perhaps Cameron) are interested in:
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Mar 7, 2011