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Scotland - somewhere remote with sheep
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After having been annoyed several times recently (photos taking three weeks to upload, losing an entry after I'd spent ages sorting it out, not being able to work out how to put a widget in neatly) I have decided to emigrate this whole thingy. I've been experimenting for a while... Continue reading
Handsome has made individual little cheesecakes in cocktail glasses for dinner tonight - they're very beautiful, all full of raspberries and drizzled chocolate, with proper digestive biscuit cheesecake stuff in the bottom of the glasses. I love it when he tries new things. Continue reading
There are lamb-lined fields all the way to work, even underneath the wind turbines, and the lambs are all wonderfully bouncy. This morning I watched them spontaneously boinging, and having lamb races along the fence lines. I won, I was in a car... It's difficult to believe they grow up... Continue reading
I walked into work this morning, looked at the books which still need to be reclassified and relabeled, and decided to do something else - anything else. No-one should have to relabel books for more than three days in a row; I think I'll leave the rest until a day... Continue reading
If this blog was a room (an analogy someone else used recently) it would be Hairy's room - dark and dusty with the occasional stray unwashed sock and tellingly, heaps of books everywhere. I have a lot of books on my to-be-read pile just now - some of them I... Continue reading
Finally Mouse has stopped downloading stuff (because I threatened him) so I can put my photos on from last weekend - and guess what? The upload photo thingy doesn't seem to be working. Oh well, later. It was a glorious weekend, with Spring sunshine, lambs in the fields and some... Continue reading
Because we live in the middle of nowhere splendid rural isolation, and had to have our very own special phone-cable pole put up so that we could get t'interweb in the first place, it is inclined to be a bit slower than perhaps it would be anywhere else. Normally I... Continue reading
We have a new computer (well a new box, the rest of it was all right) and Mouse has handed back my laptop. Although after a small tantrum tonight because he can't get his stuff to transfer to I-tunes, I intend hiding it in case he decides to take it... Continue reading
Mouse and I had to go to the orthodontist this morning, so of course, on a day when I have to drive in three different directions (and in fact through three different regions) we woke up to snow. Again. This is getting really ridiculous, it was almost springlike last weekend,... Continue reading
Saturday was a walking day - it was good. Continue reading
I've managed to grab my laptop back from Mouse to write this (and to do some work) while it is still early enough that I have the energy to write. I shouldn't mock, but as a twenty-first century child, Mouse has taken the loss of the main house computer (blue... Continue reading
I've bought myself the house an energy saving monitor, so that we can all see and hopefully cut down on the electricity we're using. The last bill was truly horrific. I lied when I said I bought it for the house, really I bought it for me. I've wanted one... Continue reading
Still no server, so today I completely gutted my office and the main library desk. I ruthlessly threw away everything that I've been keeping for years in case I needed it; I hoovered; I cleaned the surfaces; I re-organised the filing heap into several smaller filing heaps, and then I... Continue reading
I'm going to have to think up a new blog-name for Hairy - he got his hair cut! Continue reading
Mouse and his musical mates have been attempting for some time now to sort out an evening for a band rehearsal. They all live in the middle of nowhere, but unfortunately they are in the middle of different nowheres, which demands some parental input. My share of this involved following... Continue reading
...because they're replacing the server at work, and what I am currently working on needs access to the internet. However, I did find time to take Handsome out to lunch as well - after all, it is Valentine's day, and he has spent most of it re-tiling our bathroom so... Continue reading
After way too many reasons not to be able to climb - parents' evenings, illness, celtic connections, health-and-wellbeing walks, general lethargy - we finally got back to Eica after work tonight. I was convinced that I would be hippo-climbing, but actually I wasn't too bad (although still not as good... Continue reading
Considering that Celtic Connections runs for two weeks, you would think that we could all be a little better organised than to have concerts two nights in a row, both on work nights. Nope, we couldn't, but it was truly worth it (although I am tired out tonight). On Tuesday... Continue reading
That and attempting to enroll students onto a very recalcitrant Duke of Edinburgh website - it took me and Handsome way too long to get three of them on, the others will have to be done later... Continue reading
Or 'Over Protective Parenting Syndrome'... One of my regular readers - a thirteen-year-old boy - has all of his reading material carefully checked by his mother. Now, theoretically I approve of the fact that she is interested in what he is reading and furthermore interested enough to look at it... Continue reading
My new dishwasher is working just fine... but. On Sunday morning whilst in the shower, I noticed that there was a very, very slight crack in the shower tray, so I mentioned it to Handsome when I got along to the kitchen. After (extended) Sunday breakfast, he had a look,... Continue reading
I've been a bit miserable this week. I've been struggling with a horrible cold, and short on sleep because I kept coughing myself awake - I managed through Monday to Thursday but gave up on Friday after my sixth night of broken sleep in a row. So, Handsome bought me... Continue reading