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David Lickiss
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Since when do constitutional questions of compelled speech turn on how much a particular compelled speech might cost? If the government can violate the restrictions placed on it in a written constitution, what value does it serve? It sort of sounds like guarantees of religious freedom under the Soviet Constitution.
Sorry to say but I fear we Oregonians are going to follow that state to the South of us. Just ask Mr. Hunt.
The best path to breaking a filibuster is for Obama to do what Clinton did to get RBG onto the SCOTUS. Clinton complied a list of desired appointees, then asked Hatch and other leading opponents to strike the ones they would be guaranteed to oppose. RBG was about 1/2 way down the list. She got 92 votes. Obama could learn a lot from Clinton.
Please correct me if I am wrong but, by international law, war can only be declared and fought between governments. A non-governmental-organization like Al-Qaeda, and certainly not individuals, is unable to declare war. Any purported military actions by such NGOs are crimes not acts of war, no matter on what scale they occur. If my limited knowledge of international law is accurate, then we could never have a war on terrorism or a war against Al-Qaeda but rather some form of police action. Question posed - Anything wrong with a SWAT team taking out a suicide bomber before the bomb goes off? Personally, Muchas Gracias to every one of those rough men who allow me to sleep safely at night.
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Nov 18, 2010