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Sydney, Australia
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Hi there Ryan, Thanks for your interest in this great story. I have sent your contact details to Denis; we'll see what happens. If a story eventuates, please stop by again to let us know. Best wishes, Bob
Hi Larry, Yes, I have some ideas. Was he in the Australian armed forcds? What is his full name? Was he in the Army, Navy or Air Force? Thanks, Bob
Thanks, John Harris, for once again giving some clarifying comments here. In case anyone missed it, Mr. Harris's blog is here:
Here is a photo of the Australian cricket team of 1878:
With respect to Mr. Shorten's media skillz last night's edition of ABCTV's Lateline also made reference to the clip you show here, but also tellingly juxtposed 2 other clips. One clip with quotes from Shorten, and the other clip with quotes for Ged Kearney, both using the exact words, or almost the exact words to describe the HSU situation. Being caught out parroting pre-issued talking points refected well on neither Shorten or Kearney. Vision and transcript here.
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FYI Trevor, Smithsonian Folkways has just released the rare recording Satchmo at The National Press Club.
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Kerry Emerson - Thank you for the link. That's a nice news piece. Great restoration work and a wonderful ceremony.
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Mar 15, 2010
On today's ABC Radio National programme 'Counterpoint' Arnold Kling posited that the peer review process used in academic journals stifles both ideas and entrepreneurship. Here's the link to the show: That's another example of the broader questioning you mention. The lid has been lifted.
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